Orac and the Cult of “Misinformation” (Part III)

David H. Gorski

” Nonsense! You’re using the film to raise money for your pledge drive, and you’re featuring a discussion with the producer and a representative from the Burzynski Clinic with no countering opinion from real experts in oncology. What you are doing is, in essence, a big infomercial for the Burzynski Clinic, without a hint of critical analysis. So what if you lob Eric Merola the occasional softball question. Is anyone going to ask him why Burzynski is promoting his work through a guy who makes corporate promotional videos for a living, instead of through the scientific literature?”
March 5 at 10:40am

FAIL – You were offered the opportunity to appear in:

Burzynski: Cancer Is Serious Business (Part II)

1. Lead,
2. follow, or
3. get out of the way

3. is what you chose

If you were really, truly concerned, you failed to Carpe Diem

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