Critiquing “Burzynski: Another fact-blind troll, who predicted that?”

“Another fact-blind troll has joined the “illustrious” ranks of @BurzynskiMovie …

Ne’s like a rash over the blogs and twitter, he’s also been banned from Wikipedia which has a more robust attitude to sockpuppets and block evasion than some services

All display precisely the same kind of

“I didn’t hear that” bullshit

I can’t add much to Keir Liddle’s analysis of this particular vermin other than to say his agenda appears to be to annoy, not to persuade, as persuasion would require engaging with and addressing criticisms of his arguments”

“Ne’s” ?

Looks like you are the one who is


as far as spelling


“After all his comments on RI, I think somewhere in there is a bit of a fallacious thinking whereby all of SBM should be criticised, and by focusing on one particular person – Burzyinski – without ‘evidence’ of Burzyinski doing anything wrong, the skeptics are therefore wrong and should be criticising everyone else instead/as well

Or some such. But outside of that, I’m going with troll”

Simple ideas for a simple mind

Don’t burn up any brain cells attempting to think

Paul Morgan

“He’s prepared to accept absence of negative evidence as positive evidence when it agrees with his views but then attempts to criticise skeptics for not possessing Burzynski trial data and claims that inability of skeptics to show that Burzynski treatments don’t work is evidence that they do work!

Then there’s the whole Burzynski PhD saga……

Can’t decide whether he’s a true believer, a mark or a shill

Maybe some combination of them all”

Blogs the individual who can NOT bring himself to admit the existence of the 1994 Texas Medical Board document listing:

“Stanislaw R. Burzynski, M.D., Ph.D

Bob Blaskiewicz

“Yeah, I have a feeling it’s Merola

That’s just me though

He’s way too invested in the hashtag in his movie to just let it drop”

Yeah, I have a feeling you are NOT correct

But you could have figured that out if you would “FACT-CHECK” yourself before posting

More “FACT-BLIND Burzynski critics who post



and / or


without any supporting



and / or


Who predicted THAT ?


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