IMPORTANT: The live “debate” that wasn’t-A Film Producer, A Cancer Doctor, And Their Critics

“Orac,” who appropriately used the word “cowardice” in his latest epistle to the “Oracolytes:
Posted the following:

#85 – Orac – April 28, 2013

(lilady commented on Forbes):

“I’m calling you out on your anecdotal stories and your support of Burzynski’s *treatment*.

So prove me wrong by coming to this blog:

“Orac” posted:

“Well, DJT tried to comment last night and got caught in the moderation trap.”

“I’m not letting DJT through.”

“He’s been banned for very good reason, and I will not rescind the ban.”

“Mr. Hinton, however, may comment if he so desires, but he has to do it under his own name.”

My below blog contained a copy of the comment I submitted to his blog:
Randy Hinton had already commented on Forbes:

“I will not waste my time with a CHAT on line where you people alway’s control the conversation”

All Mr. Hinton would have to do is ask “Orac” to respond to my post 73 on his blog, and it would be all over, since “Orac” has adopted his “Hold the Mayo” attitude, and shows no indication that he would ever be brave enough to touch it with the proverbial ZZ Top

“Ten Foot Pole”

because he’s probably aware of what would happen if he did
A Film Producer, A Cancer Doctor, And Their Critics

Peter Lipson-“Speech is best countered with more speech,” unless you happen to be “Orac”


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