Critiquing “The Skeptic” Burzynski Critics: A Film Producer, A Cancer Doctor, And Their Critics (page 5)
Didymus Judas Thomas, Contributor

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4/19/2013 @ 9:43PM

A Film Producer, A Cancer Doctor, And Their Critics

FW 6 days ago

“Ah, the usual Burzynski conspiracy theorists are here.”

“As usual, not a single one of the valid criticisms are addressed.”

FW (also known as @frozenwarning)

It’s difficult to address any “allegedly” valid criticisms when Forbes’ censors are blocking (deleting) them

Dr. Peter A. Lipson (and / or his Censor(s)) is a Coward: Critiquing “A Film Producer, A Cancer Doctor, And Their Critics”
“Time for this man to be stopped, 40 years is more than long enough to have produced the results of his numerous, badly run trials.”

FW, what year did Burzynski start clinical trials?

Because it sounds like you do NOT know what you’re talking about

Burzynski Clinical Trials (The SEC filings)
“Patients are free to choose whatever treatment they like, but that choice should be informed and sellers of miracle cures must not be allowed to mislead those patients.”

frozenwarning, NO, patients are NOT free to choose whatever treatment they like:

Burzynski: United States Supreme Court:
Boris Ogon 6 days ago

“Scamley, however, is able to offer phenylbutyrate (which is all “antineoplastons” actually come down to) and his hopelessly incompetent “gene-targeted therapy” to anyone who’s willing to shell out.”

Mr. Ogon, PHENYLBUTYRATE (PB)is NOT (all “antineoplastons” actually come down to):

Antineoplastons AS2-1 and AS2-5 are DERIVED FROM A10

PHENYLACETYLGLUTAMINATE (PAG or PG) and PHENYLACETATE (PN) are metabolites of PHENYLBUTYRATE (PB) and are constituents of antineoplaston AS2-1



Paul Morgan 5 days ago

“Perhaps you would be so kind as to link to where the 61 registered clinical trials by Burzynski are published?”

“Oh…… you can’t.”

Mr. Morgan:

The “National Cancer Institute (NCI) at the National Institutes of Health (NIH)

Cancer Clinical Trials

15. What happens when a clinical trial is over?


“The results of clinical trials are OFTEN published in peer-reviewed scientific journals”
” … WHETHER OR NOT the results are published in a peer-reviewed scientific journal … “
This makes it clear that clinical trial results “are OFTEN” published, but sometimes they are “NOT” published “in a peer-reviewed scientific journal”

“Let’s just stick to simple, verifiable facts here.”

“Stansislaw Burzynski, the Burzynski Clinic and Burzynski Research Institute have 61 clinical trials registered.”

“The list is available here.”
“You will note that only ONE trial has ever been completed.”

“By anyone’s standard, that is an appallingly low completion rate.”

“The results have never been published anywhere.”

Mr. Morgan, what YEAR was that “ONE trial” completed?

“No doubt Burzynski and his cronies will continue to spin the line that he’s submitted to journals but they’ve blocked him, when the more likely scenarios are any papers submitted have been rejected due to poor science or there haven’t been any journal submissions.”

“If there have been any journal submissions, there will be a correspondence chain, either emails or paper letters.”

“It would be simple enough for Burzynski to publish them on his website or on a service such as Google Docs.”

Mr. Morgan, have you looked here?

Burzynski Clinical Trials (The SEC filings)
“The single registered Phase 3 trial was never started and – it seems from the Clinic’s own website – seems to have quietly been “forgotten” by them.”

Mr. Morgan, did you know this?

Burzynski: Not every cancer clinical trial taking place in the United States is listed on our NCI clinical trials database
“As for the remaining 59 trials, we can see that 50 have status “unknown”, 2 are “termiinated” and 7 “withdrawn”.”

Mr. Morgan, did you know this?

The “FACT” one should know is that clinicaltrials . gov does NOT contain the same data as the National Cancer Institute (NCI) at the National Institutes of Health (NIH) cancer . gov web-site:

1 – Not Yet Recruiting (Open)(Phase 3)
1 – Closed
2 – Terminated (Withdrawn due to slow enrollment)
7 – Withdrawn (This study has been withdrawn prior to enrollment)
10 – Recruiting (Open)
11 – Open (1 Not Yet Recruiting / 10 Recruiting)
40 – Active, not recruiting (Closed)

The below 1st link: 10 Active (Open):
The below 2nd link: 25 Closed-1st screen / 15 Closed-1 Completed-2nd screen:
NONE of the above are “UNKNOWN” per the above 2 National Cancer Institute (NCI) at the National Institutes of Health (NIH) links:

10 – Recruiting (Open)
11 – Open (1 Not Yet Recruiting / 10 Recruiting)
40 – Active, not recruiting (Closed)

11=1 Not Yet Recruiting / 10 Recruiting

“These trials have been running (allegedly) for many years.”

“These are the plain facts of the matter.”

Mr. Morgan, when does the Declaration of Helsinki indicate that the final results of human clinical trials must be published?

Burzynski: Declaration of Helsinki

“No matter how you try to play it, the simple fact is that there is no published evidence of benefit for antineoplastons, either from Burzynski or anyone else – the Japanese stuff from Kurume is no more than a few case reports.”

Mr. Morgan, is this one of those case reports?

Burzynski – The Antineoplaston Randomized Japan Phase II Clinical Trial Study
“If you actually analyse what Burzynski has actually published, it’s a bunch of reports of laboratory work, a mish-mash of case reports and a jumbled-up mixture of preliminary results of mixed-up trials presented as posters at various conferences.”

“Poster presentations prove nothing – they are the lowest form of publication, usually used as a means of presenting preliminary thoughts and ideas, not as proof of efficacy of a therapy.”

“Given that BUrzynski has been researching antineoplastons since he arrived in the USA in 1970 and he first used the term antineoplaston in a publication in 1976 (check out his CV on his website), it’s pretty poor to consider poster presentations of preliminary results as being of any merit whatsoever!”

“Typically, Burzynski supporters will point to the volume of publications but completely fail to grasp the issue of quality.”

“Essentially, Burzynski has been researching antineoplastons for more than 35 years as has failed abjectly to provide any evidence of benefit for their efficacy.”

Mr. Morgan, do you know when the clinical trials were completed?

Burzynski: What happens when a clinical trial is over?
“Game over.”

Mr. Morgan, really?
Boris Ogon

“You are right now having a live “debate” in front of more than 10,000 people, … “


Not so much

Waiting for the 10,000

| 4/19/2013 @ 9:43PM

Peter Lipson: “Speech is best countered by more speech”

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