Shall We Play A Game? “The Skeptics” (SkeptiCowards) vs. “The Skeptics'” Critics #Burzynski The 1st ever “LIE OFF”

It is the first ever “LIE OFF”


1. One (1) “LIE” per Tweet (or blog comment)

2. You may use the same link to refer to additional “LIES” (One (1) at a time)

3. The “LIE” MUST be supported by “FACTS” (Citation(s), Reference(s), and / or Link(s)) – I realize that having to rely on “FACTS” may put many of “The Skeptics” at a perceived “disadvantage,” since many of them are so used to getting away with unsubstantiated vitriolic comments (Example: See

4. The “alleged” “LIAR” may contest their exalted position (One (1) issue at a time)

5. You may have to pull an Anthony Jeselnik, and “Defend Your Tweet” (One (1) issue at a time)

6. Score will be kept of the “LIES

7. All “LIES” are binding and are the responsibility of the “LIAR” (This contest is in no way affiliated with Anthony Jeselnik or Comedy Central … maybe … that could be a “LIE“)

*The small print is important. This is NOT a “Pissing” Contest. Pissers will be perfunctorily penalized and Pissed OFF (Rules are subject to being changed arbitrarily and capriciously; something “The Skeptics” have an intimately familiar relationship with)

Have a Nice Day

Remember kids, this WikipediAin’t The People’s Court;” (Doug Llewelyn is NOT looking over your shoulder) you CAN take “The LIE” into your own hands

So don’t get “Pissed OFF,” get the “Lie Off


“The Skeptics” (SkeptiCowards)

1. 5/23/2013 – Dr. David H. Gorski
2. 5/23/2013 – Dr. David H. Gorski
3. 5/24/2013 – Guy Chapman
4. 5/25/2013 – Guy Chapman
5. 5/29/2013 – dougal445

The Skeptics” Critics


1. David Gorski (@gorskon) tweeted at 12:44pm – 30 Mar 13:

NO, Dr. Gorski, you have NOT “deconstructed his “evidence” in depth before”
Burzynski: Cancer Is Serious Business (Part I) consists of the documentary; as well as the documents on the movie web-site, which you have NOT “deconstructed … in depth before”
David Gorski (@gorskon)
5/23/13, 9:32 AM
@FauxSkeptic No need to defend my Tweet. The defense is in the link.
2013-05-23 16:45:18

is NOT:”deconstructed his”evidence”in depth…”


AllUrBaseRbelong2us (@AllUrBaseRBe2us)
5/23/13, 8:15 PM
U tweeted4/20/13
Defend tweet😅

3. FauxSkeptic (@FauxSkeptic)
5/24/13, 12:33 PM
🚫”The Skeptics” @vGuyUK,🚫
you blahgged at:📄
Defend your twit:😅

4. ☆AnthonyJeselnik:☆
you blahgged at:📄
Defend your twit:😅

5. @dougal445 tweeted at 1:16am-19 Apr 13:
Defend Your Tweet:


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