Critiquing the #SkepticCanary: “The Skeptics™” (SkeptiCowards©) Bob Blatherskitewicz and the so-called, “self-proclaimed” “CANCER RESEARCHER”

@StortSkeptic: Ready for #bbcpanorama Monday? Listen to the #burzynski interview with ‘self-proclaimed’ “CANCER RESEARCHER” and Blatherskitewicz and you will be!–talking-burzynski–david-gorski-and-bob-blaskiewicz
@SLSingh: Now – Talking Burzynski – David Gorski and Bob Blaskiewicz =–talking-burzynski–david-gorski-and-bob-blaskiewicz
@gorskon: Finally! A real discussion of #Burzynski.–cancer-hope-for-sale—panorama
Dr. Gorski, we ALL know it is definitely NOT happening HERE:–talking-burzynski–david-gorski-and-bob-blaskiewicz
@TheWholeT00th: Listening to the Skeptic Canary Show w/DavidJames, TheHoppers, Blatherskitewicz, and the so-called ‘self-proclaimed’ “CANCER RESEARCHER”
10 mins in – no Quantum Biology. 😦 #Burzynski

@skepticCanary: Great show last night by @stortskeptic & @hoppers163 with @rjblaskiewicz & @gorskon about #burzynski #bbcpanorama
@skepticCanary: Great show last night by @stortskeptic & @hoppers163 with @rjblaskiewicz @gorskon about #burzynski
@LiverpoolPlants: Ahead of Mondays Panorama on #Burzynski , the @skepticcanary radio show has an interesting overview of the area
@_JosephineJones: After–talking-burzynski–david-gorski-and-bob-blaskiewicz
and forthcoming #Burzynski #bbcpanorama I demand @gorskon & @rjblaskiewicz on #10oclocklive discussion panel!

@Hoppers163: Tonight at 7pm, Host @StortSkeptic ,myself and guests @gorskon & @rjblaskiewicz will be talking about #Burzynski–talking-burzynski–david-gorski-and-bob-blaskiewicz
@_JosephineJones: Join me in the Skeptic Canary chatroom while @rjblaskiewicz @gorskon & @StortSkeptic discuss #Burzynski–talking-burzynski–david-gorski-and-bob-blaskiewicz
@rjblaskiewicz: We’re live
#bbcpanorama #burzynski

I took up David James’ offer to waste about an hour of my life; which I’d never get back
to listen to Bob Blaskiewicz Faux Skeptic Exposed!


Dr. David H. Gorski
(@gorskon @oracknows @sciencebasedmed #sciencebasedmedicine
Listened to:
“The Skeptics™”(SkeptiCowards©)
#Burzynski #skepticCanary
Blatherskitewicz / “Man-Crush,” ‘self-proclaimed’ “CANCER RESEARCHER”

My “Critique” of:
“The Skeptics™” (SkeptiCowards©)
will be better than their review of:
#Burzynski 2


David James’ “plugs” himself:
Reads from prepared list like a Skeptic Robot

The ship of fools sets sail with David James referring to:


virtual sceptic

Dr. Gorski comments:

“Yeah, I’m disappointed you didn’t have the ‘Blake 7‘ theme”

Dr. Gorski, THIS is your “theme,” in case you “forgot“:
Perhaps you should consider Auto-Urine therapy

However, if your memory is THAT “piss-poor,” I’m NOT even sure that it would be efficacious

The “gang of four” continues on re:

Misinformed Consent

THIS is quite apropos, considering THIS “fiasco on Forbes (#Forbes) where Dr. Gorski’s “bud;” Dr. Peter A. Lipson, (@palMD) was part of an ethically and “fact-challenged” “piece” of fish-wrap
Dr. Gorski mentions “The Health Freedom Movement,” which he characterizes as having to do with the “Freedom of Quacks,” when in fact, he should have referenced his “Freedom from “FACTS”

Dr. Gorski goes on to highlight his “Personalized Mud-targeted therapy directed at Dr. Stanislaw R. Burzynski

Reference is made to:

“Every squirrel gets a nut”

However, in Dr. Gorski’s case, it might instead be more properly labeled as:

“Every “nut” gets a squirrel

The “gang of four” glosses over the pro-drug Phenylbutyrate, and Dr. Burzynski’s involvement in getting this drug to the point where it is, today:
Keir Liddle and the Cult of MISINFORMATION:
Hypernatremia is also glossed over just the way Dr. Gorski prefers:
David H. Gorski and the Cult of Misinformation:
The listener can glean that Bob Blaskiewicz has a major, major “man-crush” on Dr. Gorski, and vice-versa

There’s a difference between genius and genes, and the knowledgeable listener can determine what the “group of four” lacks

Just as there’s a difference between “talking $hit,” and “getting $hit done

Dr. Gorski provides his “opinion” that the reason for Dr. Burzynski filing his phase 2 clinical trials had to do with:

Ultimately, in 1998, the State of Texas secured a consent agreement with Burzynski

The problem with Dr. Gorski’s “opinion,” is just THAT

His “opinion,” and does NOT take into account that Dr. Burzynski’s 72 phase 2 clinical trials are listed on Dr. Burzynski’s 11/25/1997 FORM 10-SB:

Click to access 0000950110-97-001598.pdf

Burzynski Clinical Trials (The SEC filings):
THIS is a perfect example of WHY I do NOT trust ANYTHING that Dr. Gorski posits:

It ALL requires “FACT-CHECKING“:

Dr. Gorski disparages Dr. Burzynski’s phase 2 clinical trials preliminary reports, but does NOT have the testicular fortitude to provide an “in-depth” review of them

Do you begin to wonder why ?

Could it be because:

The Emperor has NO clothes ?

Phase 3 trials are also mentioned, yet, the “gang of four” ignores:
Perhaps if Dr. Gorski were a “real” “RESEARCHER,” instead of pretending to be a researcher, he could have done like I did and on ClinicalTrials . gov or the NCI (National Cancer Institute at the National Institutes of Health (NIH)), and have given them a call or use their chat function in order to find this information out

THAT is WHY it is called “RESEARCH

And THAT is WHY I refer to Dr. Gorski as the so-called, ‘self-proclaimed’ “CANCER RESEARCHER”

The “gang of four” mention that issues have NOT been explored in depth by the media

You now know what else has NOTbeen explored in depth

The “gang of four” mention that Dr. Burzynski hasn’t published convincing data

I await Dr. Gorski’s in-depth, unbiased review of Dr. Burzynski’s 2003 onward, phase 2 clinical trials preliminary reports

Dr. Gorski


Wouldn’t touch Balzac with a ten-foot pole?


1/2 way through

David James, the “Short on facts Skeptic” reminds listeners of calling in

JJ (@_JosephineJones) is mentioned:
JosephineJones and the others who can’t handle the “Truth”:
Josephine Jones and the Cult of Misinformation:
Bob Blaskiewicz mentions:

You can sell flattery and hope

In Bob Blatherskitewicz’ case, HE can sell B.S.

My Critique of Bob Blaskiewicz (Colorado Public Television – PBS CPT12):
Critiquing Bob Blaskiewicz ( #Burzynski Cancer is Serious Business, Part II):
Blatherskitewicz states that there is this inaccurate idea that Skeptics are opposed to patients – Not true

In reality, Skeptics are opposed to “FACTS
Blatherskitewicz mentions

BB claims his rbutr has been used to “Fair and utterly destroyed it,” in relation to “Burzynski: Cancer Is Serious Business

What a “CROCK

I have used rbutr to show how “full- of-it,” ego-driven individuals like Blatherskitewicz and Dr. Gorski are

They remind me of Wikipedia

When you expose WP and individuals like Blatherskitewicz and Dr. Gorski, under “Sunshine” and “Blue Sky,” perceptions start to change

Blatherskitewicz and Dr. Gorski engage in a lot of “hyperbole

Dr. Gorski gives the impression that the Dean of the Wayne State University – School of Mudicine, understand’s Gorski’s position

Wayne State University – School of Medicine

If THAT is your tacit stamp of approval of how Dr. Gorski handles his “ethical” responsibilities

Hold On, I’m Comin’


The Psychologist (co-host) who has been doing an excellent cameo of “Silent Bob,” makes himself known

He obviously has his work cut out for himself


BB uses the “C” word


Since we’re on the subject-matter:

“Orac” and the “Oracolytes” Cult of Misinformation:
The Cult of “Misinformation”:
The cult of “Misinformation” continued:
Orac and the Cult of “Misinformation” (Part III):
David H. Gorski and the Cult of “MISINFORMATION”:
DJ comments to Dr. Gorski

“I know I’m asking you to speculate”

Don’t worry, DJ

“SPECULATION” is really Dr. Gorski’s “specialty

BB states:

“His son I believe trained in Poland”

Blatherskitewicz, with your phenomenal attention to detail, aren’t you positive?

BB mentions two (2) possible honorary professorships in China for Dr. Burzynski

Blatherskitewicz, is THAT “SPECULATION ?

DJ poses a question to Dr. Gorski about “In an ideal world, to which Dr. Gorski states that he just wants Dr. Burzynski to:

“Publish the clinical trial data”

Personally, I think Dr. Gorski has a “professional” jealousy re the American Association for Cancer Research (AACR); where Dr. Gorski was in April, but did NOT bring up that antineoplaston research has been mentioned more recently than his research:
The “gang of four” again raise the issue of Phenylbutyrate, and they mention that PB existed before for urea disorder, and is a Pro-Drug, but they provide NO indication of their knowledge of how Dr. Burzynski’s name and research is referenced in the historical record re PB, for all to see

Dr. Gorski raises the issue of “false balance

If there is ANYONE, and I do mean ANYONE, who should be intimately familiar with “false balance, it is YOU

Dr. Gorski, I have a question for you, and I mean this in ALL seriousness:

Do you have a “man-crush on it?

The best thing about the show – the retro music at the beginning

This show in a “nutshell”

Why was I so underwhelmed by # of call-in comments?

David James is “famous” for:


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