The British are Coming, The British are Coming: Critiquing “Curing cancer or ‘selling hope’ to the vulnerable?”

By Richard Bilton
BBC Panorama

3 June 2013 Last updated at 00:03

“Legal loophole”

“Dr Burzynski exploits a legal loophole:”

“the patients treated with antineoplastons do so as part of a clinical trial, so the drug does not need a licence.”

I am truly impressed, and mightily so

Who knew that if “BBC Panorama” had just investigated Dr. Burzynski, years ago, we could have gotten this all out of the way, long ago

Yes, Mr. and Mrs. America, and all the ships at sea, BBC Panorama has decided the question for us, once and for all

Clinical Trials-are, get ready for it, wait for it, “Legal loopholes



Who woulda thunk THAT?

Thank goodness they couldn’t put the Concorde on their expense account

The British Are Coming

The British Are Coming

And Mumsie, can we keep them?

“These trials have been taking place for 20 years.”

It’s good to find out that someone can get close to “1994” when Dr. Burzynski’s Securities and Exchange (SEC) filings indicate 2 phase 2 clinical trials were in progress

Maybe some of “The Skeptics” are learning to read?

“Despite years of research, Dr Burzynski has never published full results.”

BBC Panorama (@BBCPanorama) would that be because the phase 2 clinical trials were NOT done?

Would “results” normally be published after the clinical trials are finished?

Brave Maverick Welsh Schoolboy frantically waves hand at back of classroom, as if to say: “Pick Me, … Pick Me

All in all, it’s just another “Brick” in the Wall

“If he has discovered a breakthrough, he is not sharing it with the rest of the world.”

Perhaps that’s what those pesky phase 2 clinical trials preliminary reports from 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, etc., are all about, me little lad

“If you don’t eat your meat, you can’t have any pudding”



“Divided doctors”

“Prof Richard Grundy treats children with cancer, and runs one of the UK’s biggest research projects into brain tumours.”

“He says it is “unethical” for Dr Burzynski not to share his findings:”

Does Professor Richard Grundy know what a phase 2 clinical trial preliminary report looks like, and does he know how to read?

“”I understand that that draw is very attractive.”

“Unfortunately the results from Dr Burzynski’s clinic are not published in any form that’s acceptable to the scientific community.””

Oh, my

I wish I could have been there in person to hear that

Did he have a British stiff upper lip when he said it?

Was one of his pinky fingers pointing straight up?

Do tell

Exactly what is:

published in any form that’s acceptable to the scientific community“?

Cancer: Hope for Sale? will be broadcast on Monday, 3 June at 20:30 BST on BBC One

BBC One – Panorama, Cancer: Hope for Sale?

“From the start I had wanted to meet Dr Burzynski.”

“He rarely gives interviews nowadays and he refused our original requests, but while I was in Houston I was told he would meet me.”

“His clinic is a mirror-fronted office block in one of Houston’s better areas.”

I’m sure the Houston Tourism Board and Convention Center was ecstatic to hear this ….the part about Houston having “better areas,” that is

“Next some basic facts – how many patients has he treated with antineoplastons, and how many have survived?”

“He said the medical authorities in the US would not let him release this information:”

“”Clinical trials, phase two clinical trials, were completed just a few months ago.”

“I cannot release this information to you at this moment.””

“But the FDA told us this was not true and he was allowed to share the results of his trials.”

Really, old chap

And exactly who at the FDA told you that?

Or is it a secret, … secret secret?

“Dr Burzynski left the interview angry, apparently affronted that his great discovery was questioned.”

Dr. Burzynski seems to have some difficulties with “little men

How tall are you?

And have you heard of one Craig Masilow and one Dr. David H. Gorski?

“They see him as a maverick, an outsider fighting the traditional medical establishment.”

He is a maverick in much the same was as Dr. David H. Gorski, and his revolutionary “glucose / sugar does NOT feed cancer” “Oracolytes

“The American Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the Texas Medical Board have been battling Dr Burzynski for decades.”


Do you have any idea of how many millions upon millions of United States Taxpayer Dollars were used to criminally pursue Dr. Burzynski, when they had a civil remedy available to them?

Do you think they put it on their resumes?

“The Burzynski clinic says it doesn’t claim it can cure all cancers and that no patients are promised a cure.”

“They say 776 patients with brain tumours were treated in trials before 2008.”

“And that 15.5% had survived more than five years, which compares favourably to other treatments.”



How did you get THAT?


Or was it freely given?

“But it is harder to understand how Dr Burzynski has been able to sell his experimental treatment to the vulnerable for so many years.”

Did you ask your “chums,” the great people at the United States Food and Drug Administration?

Panorama, Cancer: Hope for Sale?, BBC One, Monday 3 June at 20:30 BST and then available in the UK on the BBC iPlayer.


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