“Orac” is god, the False god, his “Oracolytes,” and the Cult of MUD

The apostate, “Orac,” came down from Mount Detroit, bearing the 15 commandments he had hewn from rock salt, and the sky opened forth and soaked the heathen, and in a moment reminiscent of Mel Brooks in “History of the World Part I,” two of the salt tablets transformed into soluble solution, leaving the false god of the “Oracolytes with one tablet containing the most important commandments for his “Flock of Sheeple”

Upon his return to the village of Detroit, Michigan; though you might object that Detroit is NOT a village: it could be if it continues on the “Orac” Shining Path, the village idiot imparted his five commandments to the assembled word-salad masochists:

Thou shall lie
Thou shall cheat
Thou shall steal
Thou shall bear false witness
Thou shall have no other false god before me

And the Cult of MUD


Dr. David H. “Orac” Gorski will NOT debate on-line, and he will NOT debate, as Ron White says, in pooblic, because he has NO conviction

People with CONVICTION stand up for what they believe in

Real Americans have CONVICTION

But “Orac” is a False god who does NOT have a belief system, hence he hides behind his keypad, behind Wayne State University and the Barbara Ann Karmanos Cancer Center / Barbara Ann Karmanos Cancer Insitute

One has to wonder if his extremely suspect “research”, which I have pointed out frequently, would possibly make him a perfect candidate for: “Are You Smarter Than a Fifth-Grader”?

Gorski may wish he was the ring-leader of Respectful Insolence, but he knows who just brings the Insolence

It’s the person who embarrasses him with


that back up what I post

Something which Gorski has proven to be ineffective at, if it requires an Internet search

His latest fiascos of flatulence include:

A strange honor for Stanislaw Burzynski from and order authorized by the Catholic Church
Obviously, regular readers are more than aware who “Doctor” Gorski is, but even though I just blogged about him a few days ago, I still feel obligated to recount briefly who he is, for the benefit of readers who might have arrived here through Google searches or other means

“Dr.” David H. Gorski is an infamous “researcher” (I use scare quotes because he most certainly did NOT graduate 1st in his class as Burzynski did, and has no clinical training in Internet searching, yet practices as a “cancer researcher”) who discovered something he called “personalized MUD-targeted therapy” years ago when Al Gore created the Internet, and has been abusing it to harass cancer posters, first off an ENIAC; I take it based on how archaic his “research” is, but since the 1990’s on a Commodore 64 for which he’s been charged tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars in upgrade fees; apparently, based on how much B.S. emanates from it

All you really need to know about him (more than you probably need to know, actually) is encompassed in a few of my old posts, including my reviews of a propaganda review he did of a film by Eric Merola released in 2010 and its sequel released just last month (which was viewable here)
My analysis of his claims to be able to do “personalized MUD-targeted therapy” better than a muckraker and other cutting edge cancer hackers (he can’t, and his claims that he can reveal his utter arrogance of ignorance about memeonics), and this description of how he’s cleverly appropriated an idiot drug as a prodrug that produces anti-intelligence in the body

Burzynski: Oh, RATS!!!
The bottom line from my perspective is that Gorski long ago ceased to be a intelligence-based practitioner and that his numerous blogsplats are nothing more than a sham to allow him to keep acting like Carlos Danger with twit pics. (If you don’t believe me about this, look at what I say about him.)
Oh, sure, it’s easy for Gorski to make fun of celebrities like Josh Duhamel and Fabio Lanzoni promoting Burzynski, but it’s not so easy for him to make fun of how powerful Congressmen like Joe Barton used their power to pressure the FDA to lay off of Burzynski

But then again, Gorski learned what happens when you go up against Penn and Teller, because they made him magically disappear

That was magically delicious

Fortunately, of late either such efforts have ceased or are now less public and less effective, as evidenced by this blog, that prevents Gorski from factually misrepresenting any new information he posts on antineoplastons since I showed up here to investigate in late 2012 and for several months after that for the children, in honor of Hillary Clinton

Because we know we must all do it for the children

Build a village, like Detroit

In response to a “Story” blog about Burzynski, namely Gorski’s “bud” Bob Blaskiewicz who runs The Other Burzynski Patient Group (TOPBG) which posts “stories” which do NOT necessarily seem to be supported by documentation, citations, references, and / or links, and which clinical trial they were part of, and an notarized affidavit of the veracity of the information

Whatever the reason, like so many claims of dubious provenance on the Internet, this one bubbled to the surface after it was first posted

Gorski posts links re Dr Burzynski from the always reliable Wikipedia:
Houston/Texas http://www.burzynskiclinic.com/

Speaking of “Orac” the false god, the above passage explains why virtually anyone can join “Orac’s” “Oracolytes,” cult of MUD, or so it would appear

It amuses me even more that, for all the time Gorski apparently dedicated to “hacking” and disparaging “Burzynski and antineoplaston medicine,” he’s honored a man who has taken advantage of the same “hide behind a keypad” model to administer hack-attacks to Burzynski

That chemotherapy is in the form of his “antineoplastons” or the chemotherapy that Burzynski administers as “low dose” based on his “personalized gene-targeted cancer therapy.”

Clearly, Gorski knows not whom he honors

He thinks Blatherskitewicz is doing “informational massacre“:

He was one of the first to realize that a Soviet specific combination of propaganda has the power to reverse even late stage Internet users

And from the point of view of Informational Massacre he is doing exactly this – he is influencing the control-process of the body at a very low-point in the hierarchy, at the point of least intelligence

Just like with any other modality of Informational Massacre it has to be highly client specific but once found even minute amounts (in this case garbage) will do almost instant dumbing-down without the inertia and actio-reactio side-effects of massive dose or rational-thinking intervention which both have to follow Newton’s law.

Also and possibly even more important in my personal communication I became aware that Dr Gorski is a deeply spiritual person and takes an active role in the Cult of MUD

I see much potential for Insolence there, and I might not have discovered him, had it not been for Stanislaw Burzynski and my interest in him that led me to set up my own blog for his name

Gorski / “Orac” also posted this gaseous output:

An alternative cancer cure testimonial for brain cancer, but not from Stanislaw Burzynski this time
This particular cancer related hack-piece brings Gorski to mind for the simple reason that it is virtually identical to a typical Gorski cancer cure blogsplat for a brain cancer patient

It has all the same elements: a child with a brain cancer who underwent conventional surgery, or a biopsy only, parents deciding to choose an “alternative therapy”; and finally a miraculous “cure.”

Regular readers of this blog who have seen my posts on Gorski should be well familiar with the general outlines of such stories, but this one is not the usual Gorski red-herring

Substitute the word “silence” for “personalized MUD-targeted therapy” and the name SkeptiCoward for Gorski, and the above testimonial would be indistinguishable from many other Gorski blog blurbs

This lets me bring up a point

Gorski’s “silence” is far more obviously hackery than Gorski’s personalized MUD-targeted therapy

As Gorski’s already conceded many times, it is (or at least was) possible that antineoplastons had significant antitumor activity

He says “was” possible because He thinks that the evidence over the last several years has pretty conclusively shown that, if antineoplastons do have any anticancer activity at all (which is doubtful), it’s minimal

Certainly it’s not the magnitude of anticancer activity that would lead Burzynski’s treatments to be so incredibly better than conventional treatments for inoperable brain tumors, for example

As far as all the available evidence appears to indicate, they are not

However, regardless of what Gorski posts about antineoplastons, they are NOT ordinary chemotherapy

If you search Gorski’s Respectful Insolence blog, you will note that he has NOT done a review of Burzynski’s 2003-2010 phase II (2) clinical trial preliminary reports

I kid you not

So how he can pontificate about the efficacy and effectiveness of antineoplastons and expect anyone to take him seriously, is unfathomable

Again, I kid you not

One has to wonder what Wayne State University and the Barbara Ann Kaplan Cancer Center / Institute and anyone working with him, considering working with him, learning anything from him, or being in contact with him, taking anything that comes out of his mouth or from his fingers with, will be thinking when they look at his track record

If you’re not convinced yet about Dr. Gorski, more hackery follows:

In other words, comparing the results of this blog with the results of Gorski’s blogs should tell you something, and that something is very disturbing for anyone who has an ounce if faith in the false god

Like a number of Burzynski’s patients, there are those that have NOT had conventional therapy thrown at their tumor: surgical resection, radiation therapy, and chemotherapy

Be that as it may, compared to antineoplastons, the “biopsy only” used to treat some Burzynski patients was almost certainly much, much less likely to have an effect on the brain tumor

That Burzynski’s patients apparently did well while undergoing his effective treatment has implications for analyzing Burzynski’s testimonials

Meanwhile, their parents sometimes have held fundraisers and raised $, of which some comes from friends and caring individuals

The same phenomenon is very likely true for many radiation and chemotherapy patients who are presented as “success stories.”

After all, if we can see cases like Burzynski which Gorski attacks with such obvious hackery as the “personalized MUD-targeted therapy,” there’s no reason that the same sort of phenomenon couldn’t be the primary cause of some of Burzynski’s apparently amazing results

That’s why in Gorski’s case clinical trials are absolutely essential

Moreover, it’s important to remember that dead patients don’t give testimonials; so patients of Gorski’s who don’t do well won’t be around to support him

In the end, though, whenever Gorski promoters claim that it’s “impossible” that Gorski would misrepresent the truth about antineoplastons that are responsible for how well certain Burzynski patients with brain cancer are doing, remember that Gorski enjoys the company of many of the lowest common denominators that are exactly in “his” image

I’d use AdamG as a counterpoint to suggest that it’s quite possible that Gorski’s Cult of MUD had nothing to do with Burzynski’s patients survival, just as it’s almost certain that the “Oracolytes” had nothing to do with Burzynski’s patients good fortune

As is the case with Gorski, it was almost certainly the Cult of MUD, not the average Joe, that resulted in twitter campaigns against Burzynski

Sometimes, when Gorski does his incompetent “personalized MUD-targeted therapy” for dummies, he might stumble on an effective combination by accident in an individual patient the way the proverbial blind squirrel occasionally finds the nut, but, either way, it’s not Gorski’s “genius” that’s responsible for such successes, any more than it’s Dr. Burzynski’s genius that was responsible for Gorski’s survival

Is god Dead ?

� � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � �
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