Dr. David H. “Orac” Gorski “Oracolyte” Woo Fighter Poo Biter admits to LYING to “The Guardian”

[1] – #21 – Woo Fighter – September 9, 2013

it gave me great satisfaction to alert The Guardian about DJT, who I knew would be posting there once the “Myths” story hit Twitter. (He simply can’t resist posting his inane comments anywhere Stan is written about.)

Why is it then that LIARS like you post numerous times before I usually point out that you are LIARS ?
[2]I told The Guardian about his back story, having being banned from all science blogs around the world, Wiki, Reddit, suspended from almost 20 Twitter accounts, etc. and that he was a paid shill and/or an employee of Burzynski.
[A] – List all “science blogs around the world”

[B] – I am NOT “a paid shill”

[C] – I am NOT “an employee of Burzynski”

[D] – You just admitted to LYING to The Guardian, but do NOT worry, because you are in good company because Dr. David H. “Orac” Gorski LIES too, just like Wikipedia, but Wayne State University, Detroit, Michigan, quickly realized that David H. Gorski, MD, PhD, FACS is NOT doing something wrong when he LIES about Burzynski
Within 20 minutes his comment was scrubbed from The Guardian site which started him off on another week-long tirade about censorship and freedom of speech.
Why do you NOT come post on my blog ?

Are you a COWARD like “Orac”, who posted:

[3] – .4/19/2013“I now think I probably know with around 95% certainty) and Didymus Judas Thomas (whose identity I’m probably about 75% sure of …

but has refused to post who he thinks I am although he’s had over 4 1/2 months to do so ?
Of the over 400 comments that were posted, only two were deleted: one from DJT and one from someone else caught shilling
And what # was mine, you little Biter of the Poo ?
[1] – 9/9/2013
[2] – 8/30/2013
[3] – 8/30/2013 – see [33]

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