Critiquing Wikipedia: Burzynski Clinic – 2013 BBC documentary, Curing cancer or ‘selling hope’ to the vulnerable?

Wikipedia must be too busy accusing me of using multiple Internet I.P. addresses to try and change every wiki article under the sun, instead of keeping their Burzynski article up-to-date

I await the in-depth analysis which breaks down my blog, Twitter, and Internet activity, showing that it was humanly possible for me to do all that has been claimed

But then again, maybe I’m NOT human !


Is that you HAL ?

Anywho, WP took a crack at addressing the British Broadcasting Corporation’s (BBC) Panorama documentary [1]

I did some critiques on the documentary article, documentary, and WP’s “credible source,” Dr. David H. Orac … Gorski [2-4]

“Burzynski exploits a legal loophole”by treating patients” with antineoplastons do so as part of a clinical trial, so the drug does not need a licence” for twenty years.” [66]

“Legal loophole” ?

Really ??

Not so much

It’s the law

“The Skeptics™” have had years to get it changed in Congress if it were a “legal loophole”

“According to Watford Observer, the mother of Luna Petagine, a young girl with a brain tumor, “cast doubt” on Burzynski’s “expensive treatment.” [67]

“Expensive treatment” ?

Based on what objective criteria ? [5-6]

The Reading Post said, the Panorama investigation shown on Monday questioned whether the Burzynski Clinic was ‘selling hope’to families” which doubted the statistics provided by the Burzynski Clinic. [68]

Based on what objective criteria ?

“They say 776 patients with brain tumours were treated in trials before 2008.”

“And that 15.5% had survived more than five years, which compares favourably to other treatments.” [6] (see #13)

Where’s Wikipedia’s survival rates for:

a) Chemotherapy

b) Radiation Therapy

c) Radiotherapy

d) Other

and their comparison of possible adverse effects of chemotherapy, radiation therapy, radiotherapy, other, compared to antineoplastons ?

The issues I had with the documentary were:

1. “The report includes interviews with experts like Professor Richard Grundy of Nottingham Children’s Hospital”

“Prof Richard Grundy treats children with cancer, and runs one of the UK’s biggest research projects into brain tumours.”

“He says it is “unethical” for Dr Burzynski not to share his findings:”

In my ‘opinion,’ it is “unethical” for Professor Grundy to NOT share his findings re Dr. Burzynski’s 2003-2010 phase 2 clinical trial preliminary reports [7]

2. “Unfortunately the results from Dr Burzynski’s clinic are not published in any form that’s acceptable to the scientific community.””

Explain [7]

3. Dr Jeanine Graf

“She sometimes treats patients from the Burzynski Clinic who have become critically ill, but she has never known any of them survive.”

How many patients ?

Richard Bilton asked for numbers from Burzynski, so he should be consistent and have asked Dr. Graf the same question

4. “He must believe in what he’s doing, but I have not been convinced by the existing scientific literature that his therapy has any efficacy.”

Where is Dr. Graf’s “in-depth” review of Dr. Burzynski’s above-listed publications ? [7]
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there for posterity on YouTube
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