The #Burzynski (B.S.) Bump Rap

Yo …

Let me tell you how it’s DONE

We don’t get paid to do IT

We just do it for FUN

We fact-check your SH*T

Until the morning SUN

We know we have you on the RUN

‘Cause you hide behind your keypad SON

We know your “C”-RAP

Because it came out from between your BUNS

And we “Smell What You’re COOKIN’”

And out it COMES

The same ol’ cr*p that rolls right off the tip of your TONGUE

Do you really believe your own HYPERBULL?

Or are you really that DUMB?

I KNOW, who I AM

I AM, Number ONE

I KNOW, who I AM

I don’t fit into your “Master Plan”


I KNOW, who I AM

I AM Number ONE

I KNOW, who I AM

I AM, Number ONE


That’s right WIKIPEDIA

You’re NOT Number ONE

(I got HIS Number)

You threw your MUD

Then hid behind a Black-Hole SUN

You dished out your MUD-BATH

Did you think you had WON?

A Yellow-Journalism AWARD?

(THAT’s just Piss-Poor)


Did you say WikipediAin’t your SON?

Holy “C”-RAP!!

Did You See THAT!!!

All dressed up wearing your best CummerBUND

Did you think you could get away with thumbin’ your Nose at your own THUMB?

Dum, Dum Dum DUMB

Well here I COME


Get outta here with your SCHTICK!!!

Oh NO, Here comes PETER

Yo, What’s THAT in his HAND?

I don’t think it’s a water METER

Maybe he caught another BOTTOM FEEDER!!!

Yo Yo Ma, I heard it was just another TWITTER TWEETER

Yo, Yo, Yo, YOU want “NEW” INSOLENCE?

I don’t need your “Cult” of “MUD”






You’re the Metastasis of Misinformation

The scourge of a NATION

I heard you liked “HUSTLER”

Which explains your problem with Mental Master-Debation

Mel Brooks just called and said “HELLO BALLS”

But I heard your head was on VACATION

“You can’t handle the TRUTH”

If we got you on #MizTV

It’d be like: “really?, Really??, REALLY???”


“You Can’t “C” Me”

You couldn’t handle an Epic Rap Battle of HIS-STORY

You’ve got delusions of “C”-Rappin’ with #Eminem on #MTV

Your #TedNugents #Nugents would be on display for the Whole World Wide Web to SEE

Maybe you should hurry up and run back home to your M-O-M-M-IEEE!!!

I KNOW, who I AM

I AM, Number ONE

I don’t fit into your “Master Plan”

I AM, Number ONE

(It’s better to be Pissed-OFF than Pissed-ON “little man”)

I KNOW, who I AM

I AM, Number ONE

Hey Ho “SkeptiCowards©”

Is THAT all you’ve GOT?

You remind me of Ike TURNER

Was THAT your best SHOT?

Maybe ya betta stay at HOME

Sittin’ on the POT

Until you solve that PROBLEM

That requires too much THOUGHT

Like how to answer a QUESTION

Or “Where are your FACTS?”

Because you’ve been runnin’, hidin’, and DODGIN”

After you had another Faux Tu-Quoque ATTACK

All I hear from some of youse MOUTHS

Is Quack-ack-ack-ack-ACK

I thought Billy Joel warned YOU

Bout having a Heart Attack-ack-ack-ack-ACK

This is the “Home of the BRAVE”

(Maybe you should “Learn to SWIM”)

Before you start to Hack-ack-ack-ack-ACK

George Washington cut down a Cherry TREE

(Was THAT your Cherry-Pickin’ Tree? Whoa is ME!)

They say Lizzie Borden gave her mother 40 Whack-ack-ack-ack-ACKS

• I KNOW, who I AM

I AM, Number ONE

I don’t fit into your “Master Plan” ?

I AM, who I AM

I KNOW, who I AM

I AM, Number ONE


I AM Number ONE

Oh NO! Here comes Peter AGAIN – FLEA!!

Did he really rob himself to pay PAUL?

I heard him mumble something ’bout CaliCultication

And another Brick in the WALL

Mary told me he denied himself THRICE

As he was trying to Break Down The WALLS

If we don’t hurry up we’ll be LATE

For the World Premiere of the New MONSTER’s BALLS

Lil’ Johnny’s got a DATE

With the New Kids Down the HALL

And we’re going to the “Stones'” CONCERT

We’re gonna throw some BACK

So ya betta’ duck YA’LL

Here’s comes some more Roberta FLACK

Now that wall doesn’t seem so TALL

They’re comin’ to America’s CALL

Now, why is #CMPunk a #Heyman Guy PAUL?

• I KNOW, who I AM

I AM, Number ONE

Your “Master Plan” is like a yellowed Bed Pan

I AM, who I AM

I KNOW, who I AM

I AM, Number ONE


I AM Number ONE

Oh NO !

Anyone heard ’bout what happens when Birds ATTACK?

Look Out BELOW!

The sky changes from 50 shades of Grey

To #Metallica #FadeToBLACK

Rockapocalypse !!!

@TheRock said #ItDoesntMatter

What BBC Spam-o-rama

the “Riddler” wannabe

or Blatherskitewicz SAID

Your #DavidBowie 15 seconds of #Fame

has you #BurningDownTheHouse with your #TalkingHEADS


Critics and Cynics

“The Skeptics™”

I thought you had Grapefruits

like @VinceMcMahon

But all you’ve got is #FruityPebbles

like @JohnCena

I feel so ROBbed Van DAMN !!!

what ! What !! WHAT !!!

is your GOAL?

You wouldn’t touch”IT”with a #ZZTop #TenFootPOLE

Your #Garbage smells #Special

#NineInchNails #HeadLikeAHole ?

Your Salem Witch Trial

#HistoryOfTheWorld PartI



#PinkFloyd #ComfortablyNUMB

Like a #SuperTramp

You #HideInYourShell

You Blatherskite without a CLUE

Who the … are YOU ?

#WhoAreYou ?

#TheWHO ?

#WeKnowThatTheHypnotizedNeverLie #BloodyWellRight you SEE ?
You talk about “deconstruction”


@TripleH #TimeToPlayTheGame ?

#MMA ?

#UFC ?

#WWE ?

Like #KidRock sings

“And this is for the Questions that don’t have any Answers”

U can’t out “C”-Rap ME

Yo #Eminem

May I Have Your Attention PLEASE ?

This ain’t about ME

It’s about the F-D-A
and Dr. Stanislaw Rajmund #BURZYNSKI

• I KNOW, who I AM

I AM, Number ONE

I KNOW, who I AM

I AM, who I AM

I KNOW, who I AM

I AM, Number ONE


I AM Number ONE


“The Skeptics” Theme Song

🚫”The Skeptics”🚫
🎵”Theme Song”🎵

What happens when one of “The Skeptics” is put in the uncomfortable position of having to do an Anthony Jeselnik and Defend Your Tweet,” or when the SkeptiCowards are “called out” on any of their plethora of:









Their de Facto response becomes:

“I wouldn’t touch it with a ten-foot pole”

That li’l ol’ band from Tejas – ZZTop

“The Skeptics™” Theme Song
“A few years back when I was a WEE WEE Li’l Lass,

“My P.E. Teacher would always kick me outta the P.E. class,”

“Sent me to the Golden Showers early for acting like Piss-Poor, White Trash,”

“Kids were skeptical of me and would always kick me in my A$$ets”

“Were low and PETA wouldn’t accept my limited Application,”

“I thought “Houston, Hell, or High Water” shoulda headed for the United Nations,”

“Billy Gibbons, Dusty Hill, Frank Beard, ZZ Top – my brain was on Vacation,”

“Trooper stopped me for “Drivin” While Blind” and gave me a “Don’t Mess With Texas” Citation”
🎵 🎶 🎶 🎶 🎵
“I wouldn’t touch it with a Ten-Foot Pole”

“Who knew all these years later, I’d prove I didn’t learn a thing in School,”

“Only thing I had to look forward to was being like Motley Fool,”

“My head was in Mississippi, Mississippi Mud, Rio Grande Mud, like fingers ’round my Neck,”

“Mush mouth and misdirection were the name of my SkeptiCoward game, that’s Correct,”

“Wouldn’t know one if I saw one – facts ‘n figures … ‘Rithmatic … funds were Low,”

“Word on the street was being a ‘Skeptic‘ was easy but my scrambled brain just didn’t Know,”

“But it sounded better than hangin’ out on the street corner with just Larry, Curly, and Moe,”

“They tol’ me if anyone asked ’bout any citation, reference, or link – just say:”

“What’s wrong with You?”

🎵 🎶 🎶 🎶 🎵
“I wouldn’t touch it with a Ten-Foot Pole”
• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •
🎵 🎶 🎵 🎶 🎵
“I wouldn’t touch it with a Ten-Foot Pole”
🎶 🎵 🎶
You just don’t know what shape I’m in … yeah

“The Skeptics™” (SkeptiCowards©) SHRIEK