Dr. Li-Chuan Chin, PhD, National Cancer Institute Scientist (1991-1997) talks about Dr. Burzynski and Antineoplastons

The American Medical Establishment
The medical establishment of the United States is very undemocratic – to put it mildly
Now, this is a guy coming from Taiwan in 1984
Under Chiang Kai-shek, we still had martial law at that time
So, you cannot speak your mind, otherwise you would find yourself in jail, or in a very “hot position”
So, in a way, I came to this country for higher education, is because I was quite vocal against “KMT” (Kuomintang), or Chiang Kai-shek
My parents and other relatives, they had managerial positions, and they all had to be members of the party
So they don’t like me to speak too loud about anything against the party
So I said, “alright, I’ll go to the United States anyway”
So, I come here
I went to University of Kentucky to get my PhD
And then, after writing the report on Burzynski, I suddenly find myself: Gee, it’s a “kiss of death” to my professional career — because, look at JAMA
Special Communication
Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) – June 3, 1992
An Unproven Cancer Therapy
Saul Green, PhD

JAMA could print a comment criticizing Burzynski, and now I’m writing a report, a report saying that Antineoplaston has some merit to it, and you’ve got to look into it
Evaluation of the Anticancer Activities of Antineoplastons and Related Compounds, Including Phenylacetate, Phenylacetylglutamine, 3-Phenylacetylamino-2, 6-piperidinedione and their respective Analogs

Li-Chuan Chin, Ph.D.
Office of Alternative Medicine
National Institutes of Health
October 24, 199?

So halfway through writing the report, it suddenly dawned on me, that might be the end of my professional career, because they’re a bunch of academic professors, they wrote things ferociously bad
Oncologists criticize methods used in researching cancer treatment

Published Thursday, October 1, 1998
about Burzynski’s Antineoplastons, and I have evidence and a report to say: Antineoplaston worth a second look”
How would they view me – professionally ?
And so I know in my heart that that’s the end of my professional career
NCI: The National Cancer Institute
NIH: The National Institutes of Health
The National Cancer Institute and the National Institutes of Health:
I found it’s a place full of people with ego of titanic proportions
You know, they are all like working for their career, working for their fame and rich
Sometimes their hearts are not there for the patients
They are more interested in their own benefit, and in the end, that’s what I realized
So, it was a disappointment
You know, they say, NIH is the mega medical center
But when you look back at the past 10, 20 years — very few Nobel Prize winner come out of NIH
And they got all the budget
They got all the money to do research
So even if you give me $1 million dollars to go back to NIH, I won’t
I won’t
I wouldn’t do anything against my conscience
A two-party medical system ?
So, eventually what I found out is that the culture is “split in two”
One is “orthodox”
The other one is “alternative”
You’ve got this “orthodox culture,” and then there’s a culture living around it
And it’s fascinating
Politically, it’s like, well, you have the dominant party, and they rule the country, and there are fringe groups and opposition parties here and there, you know
And if the authorities are not too harsh on them, sometimes they got a niche — they are surviving (laughing)
You know, it’s, in some ways to me, it’s very interesting cultural phenomenon
And finding that in a democratic country like United States, and you
have this medical tyranny there
In tyrannies, or in authoritarian societies, a lot of the time, people would refrain from speaking the truth
The atmosphere is there to prevent you speaking your mind
Even if you see the truth
The scare tactic is enough to force a lot of people not to speak the truth within the medical field
If that fear is there, people will do things to avoid harm to their professional life, to their family life, to them personally
And it’ll perpetuate the fear for ever and ever
So it’s very difficult to delineate, say, “ahhh, it’s because of the health industry,” “it’s because of pharmaceutical companies,” the (?) of whatever
Utilizing the two-party medical system
What is your opinion, like if we wanna sort of get ourselves out of this mess ?
Well my opinion is this:
If I was President of a country I would split my health budget in research into two portions
One for the medical establishment
One for the alternative field
And I’d say, “in the end of the day,” or “in the end of the year, come and show me the result”
If you get better results than the other, then I’ll take the portion of budget out a little bit and put it into yours
Put into the winners
And if you continue to lose, you lose your budget
If there’s two-party system, like, in democracy, often time, let’s have two-party system in medicine, and let them run with the budget, and come back in the end and say: “Which cat catches the most mice” ?
And this is what the general population wants
Clip from the 2nd DVD of
Burzynski Cancer Is Serious Business
2 DVD Extended Edition Set



“The Amazing Meeting” (I don’t think it means, what you think it says it means): 2 Intellectually and Ethically Challenged Individuals, Twaddle at TAM 2013

Gentlemen, I start your Insolence 😇
(1:30) [1]
The “motto” of “The Amazing (Not so Much) Meeting” is “Fighting Fakers,” which is apropos, since I doubt that “Orac” the “Check my Facts” Hack of Dr. David H. Gorski, grasps the irony, that when I read some of his blog articles, you could easily switch his name with the name of some individual he is flogging, and the proverbial shoe fits, and:
“This is a guy who sometimes fools even, you know, physicians”
(I couldn’t have said it better, myself) 😊
He states:

“There is a long segment about “The Skeptics”

(applause) 😝
“His lawyer wrote a book”

“About a half of it is about Burzynski [4]
Gorski mentions that Burzynski noticed that there were higher levels of these chemicals in healthy people, than people with cancer
Whereas, Burzynski is on record as having said [5]:

” . . . healthy people have abundance of these chemicals in blood
Cancer patients have varied to none

I did NOT know before now, that GorskGeek thinks that “none” is a “level” 😶
He continues:

AS2.1 – which is a chemical called phenylacetic acid, which is a byproduct of metabolism that turns into phenylacetylglutamine by the liver

A10 – soluble is basically the same thing
It breaks down to PAG

I thought it was: AS2 1 😊

They are “basically the same thing” ? 😳

What does Burzynski say ? [6]

Phenylacetylglutaminate (PG) and Phenylacetate (PN) are metabolites of Phenylbutyrate (PB) and are constituents of antineoplaston AS2-1

PG and PN are naturally occurring in human body as result of metabolism of phenylalanine in liver and kidneys

formulation of antineoplaston AS2-1 is 4:1 mixture of synthetic PN and PG

A10 is 4:1 mixture of PG and iso-PG

That does NOT look like “basically the same thing” to me 😛

Gorski founders on:

“And these are substances which were actually studied in the ’50’s and ’60’s and not found to be particularly, um, promising, but, he didn’t know that then”
GorskGeek has #FAILED miserably to prove that on his blogs [7] 😄
Gorski comments about Burzynski’s “animal testing,” “species specific” claims:

“There are ways of getting around that”
But Gorski, again, has #FAILED miserably to prove it [8] 😅
Gorski makes lame excuses about the NCI phase II clinical trial [9] 😖
Gorski claims Burzynski was indicted for insurance fraud in the 1997 case 😱
GorskGeek, care to try and prove that one also ? [10] 😃
Gorski then states that out of 61 trials on clinicaltrials . gov, “most” are “closed or unknown”
GorskGeek #FAILED again 😁

At the time it was:

1 – Not Yet Recruiting
(OPEN)(Phase 3)
(Withdrawn due to slow enrollment)
(This study has been withdrawn prior to enrollment)
10 – Recruiting
40 – Active, not recruiting –
Gorski attempts to go all “legal eagle”:

“Listen to Burzynski’s lawyer!”

“You listen to Burzynski’s lawyer; and, and I swear I don’t understand, like why Burzynski would let him, let his lawyer say stuff this damning in his own book, but he does”

“So, get a load of some of these quotes, referring to one of the clinical trials, he says:”

“It was a joke”

“. . . there could not be any possibility of meaningful data coming out of the so-called clinical trial, it was all an artifice, that, you know, designed so that they could continue giving the treatment

“The FDA wanted all of his patients to be on an IND, so, that’s what we did”
Gorski, attorney Rick Jaffe is an American, living in America NOT the formerly communist Poland

He can say whatever he wants

GorskGeek is NOT a lawyer 😓

And there’s an excellent reason why

Nor is he schooled in the proper usage of the English language


” . . . the so-called clinical trial . . .”

Any human being with a modicum of intelligence about the English language, understands that the term “clinical trial” is singular, i.e. one

Burzynski’s lawyer is obviously referring to the CAN-1 clinical trial mentioned in Burzynski’s 11/25/1997 Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) filing [11]

One trial that is retrospective is CAN-1 Clinical Trial


133 patients
Clinical trial of patients treated by Dr. Burzynski through 2/23/1996

FDA has indicated it will not accept data generated by this trial since it was not a wholly prospective one
Gorski continues his trend of #FAILURES when he mentions the additional types of treatments that Burzynski was offering, but he #FAILED to mention [12] 😂
” … in 1997, his medical practice was expanded to include traditional cancer treatment options such as chemotherapy, gene targeted therapy, immunotherapy and hormonal therapy in response to FDA requirements that cancer patients utilize more traditional cancer treatment options in order to be eligible to participate in the Company’s Antineoplaston clinical trials”
Gorski addresses the case of Tori Moreno
Kim Moreno states:

“We originally were at Miller’s Children at Long Beach Memorial and then went to City of Hope

“We also sent her MRI’s to Dr. Fred Epstein in New York to be looked at”

Gorski suggests that 3 different opinions could have misdiagnosed Tori Moreno

You can read an interview with Tori’s mother [13]
Gorski goes on to mention Burzynski patients going to Texas Children’s Hospital with hypernatremia issues
Gorski, do you mean this ? [14]

The changing pattern of hypernatremia in hospitalized children

Department of Pediatrics, Texas Children’s Hospital, Baylor College of Medicine, Houston, Texas, USA
Gorski mangles the case of Hannah Bradley, who had a grade 3 anaplastic astrocytoma brain tumor

GorskGeek makes excuses like “spontaneous remission”, but then provides no citation, reference, or link to a case of such a tumor having spontaneously exhibited remission [15]
Gorski states that antineoplastons are chemotherapy
No, Gorski, antineoplaston are:

“…an unapproved drug, not ordinary “chemotherapy [16] 😣
Gorski claims in regard to Burzynski’s personalized gene-targeted therapy:

” . . . gives to the patient without regard for synergistic toxicity

“Boom, there you go”
Gorski’s #FAIL rate continues, as Burzynski has stated that phase 2 and 3 publications are reviewed as part of this process [17]

Gorski, you should hire out to the Democratic Party as their mascot, because you must be the biggest pompous ASS I’ve ever seen 😜

Gorski, my advice: don’t quit your day job, HACK 😷
The #TAM2013 audience then has to suffer through 22:36 of the blatherskite of Robert J. (don’t call me Bobby) “Bob” Blaskiewicz Blatherskitewicz [2]

He blathers about the “dozen,” “17,” “16 dead,” “pancreatic cancer,” “Joseph, who was alive but died well within the life expectancy given his diagnosis,” “Joann, who was alive but died within a year of starting therapy,” “Irene S., who was dead within month,” “Maxine, who was already dead,” the “103 in 2011,” “63 in mid-June,” “17 on original 1999 site,” “about 3 added a year,” the “about 50 stories,” “1/10th of patient names gathered,” “Amelia S. – 7, tumor breaking up,” “Chase,” “Cody – 1994, 20 years ago, 2 visits, 6 weeks treatment breaking up,” “David,” “Janet, 3 – 5 yrs., oncologist, now dead, ovarian cancer,” “Pete took video down,” “8,000 patients,” “probable ischemic necrosis,” “13 yr. old, getting worse getting better, vomited – Marlene, nurse,” “Rory died 2005,” “Supatra, swelling, last wed., brain tumor,” “Side-effect, 2%, sodium load,” “Andrea, U.S. News and World Report, 30% chance recovery, glioblastoma, ANP in luggage, died on plane,” “Cathy wanted to be on ANP, Greg Burzynski, found out only brain tumor,” “Denise D. breast cancer,” and finally:
” … and light as many fires under his butt as we can
Mentions Rick Jaffe’s book Galileo’s Lawyer

All you need to know about Blaskiewicz is:

“White man speak with forked tongue” [18]
The 3rd video is a panel discussion, which includes “man-crush” tag-team [3]

Robert Blaskiewicz and David Gorski
Bob says:

“Yeah, I’m not that type of doctor
Bob, the correct answer for you, is:

“I’m NOT a doctor” QUACK
Gorski gabs that he’s a:

“Game of Thrones Geek”
I just knew I was right, GorskGeek [19]
The only female panelist mentions “bureaucrats”, “wimps”, and “people without balls”
2 out of 3 ain’t bad

She describes the Bob and David show to a T
The claim is made that a Burzynski physician appeared on the Burzynski Facebook page announcing results
Gorski #whines that the Texas Medical Board wasn’t successful in shutting Burzynski down because of “politics”
Gorski gives his usual excuse:

“He’s not an oncologist”
GorskiGeek, that claim is as dead as apparently, quite a number of your brain cells [15]
Audience members are given the opportunity to speak, and this is the garbage served up:
“Hi, this is Susan

Ah, don’t forget to mention that Wikipedia has been a major battlefield

We’ve had 23,000 views to the clinic’s page this last month, also rebutr . . .”
“Control the flow of information”
Gorski pipes up:

“What she said”
Blatherskitewicz chimes in:

“When it comes to Wikipedia can I just mention that is, that is, that that is so effective that Wikipedia was singled out in the most recent Burzynski movie
Gorski chirps:

Bob yacks:

“as being controlled by evil skeptics
Gorski ejaculates:

“No, seriously”
Bob bleats:


“You have to unleash the evil hoards of skeptics

“Wahahaha” 👿
Dr. Stanislaw Burzynski on Wikipedia:

“Simply don’t pay attention to it, because it, it’s not true”

“You won’t be able to, do any, clinical research which we do, without convincing evidence, especially when you have the most powerful agency in the government which is against you

“So they would love to find something which is wrong with what we are doing”

“Ah, so the fact that they’ve, um, agreed that what we have has value, and they allow us to do phase 3 clinical trials it means that we are right”

“Because, uh, uh, nobody who didn’t have any, concrete evidence that it works, would be able to go as far”

“So whatever Wikipedia says, well, I don’t care for them

(laughing) [5]
Enlightening ?

Inspiring ?

Amazing ?


Apparatchiks [20]
[1]David Gorski – Why We Fight (Part I): Stanislaw Burzynski Versus Science-Based Medicine – TAM 2013 11/8/2013 (22:44)

[2]Robert Blaskiewicz – Why We Fight (Part II): It’s All About The Patients – TAM 2013 11/8/2013 (22:36)

[3] – Medical Cranks And Quacks
11/8/2013 (42:42)

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Click to access 9219.pdf

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[19] – 10/27/2013 – “The Skeptics™” Burzynski Bias, Censorship, Lies, and Alibi’s: September 28, 2013 “The Skeptics™” Burzynski discussion: By Bob Blaskiewicz – 2:19:51
[20] – 11/9/2013 – Wikipedia Articles:

Critiquing Wikipedia: Burzynski Clinic, Colorado Public Television (CPT12), and Public Broadcasting System (PBS)

[1] – Wikipedia, which is behind on updating the “propaganda” on their Burzynski article, posted:

Legal issues

2010 film, Burzynski – Cancer is Serious Business

[2] – “A showing of Burzynski by CPT12 only generated a handful of complaints to the PBS Ombudsman

“These mostly concurred with earlier reviewers of the film that the movie displays a serious lack of objectivity”

[3] – “Some CPT staffers were also criticized for failing to ask Eric Merola any of the hard questions”[65]

[4] – What Wikipedia fails to advise the reader is how many times “The Skeptics™” lied, misinformed, disinformed, and / or did NOT provide any citation(s), reference(s), and / or link(s) to support their claims, did NOT respond to questions, used adolescent excuses and / or instead of addressing one issue per comment, posted numerous multiple issues in each comment which required research to address each issue, and thus #FAILED on the CPT12 Facebook page

[5] – [6] – Here is a list of “The Skeptics™” who participated in this questionable behavior

Darren Woodward (Sebastian Armstrong @spikesandspokes on Twitter)
Val Perry Rendel
Amber Sherwood K
Amy Hochberg Beaton
Robert Blaskiewicz (@rjblaskiewicz)
Adam Jacobs @DianthusMed)
Paul Morgan (@DrPaulMorgan)
William M. London
Scott Myers
David James (@StortSkeptic)
Guy Chapman (@SkepticGuy)
Karl Mamer
David H. Gorski (@gorskon @oracknows @ScienceBasedMed)
Adam Levenstein
Rene F. Najera
Tsu Dho Nimh
Jen Keane
Vicky Forster
Scott Hurst
Susan Scotvold Goodstein
Catherina Becker
Footy Stuff

Oh, wait

That would take too much time since it was about all of “The Skeptics™”
[1] – Burzynski Clinic – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
[2] – 3/23/2013 – My review of “Burzynski: A note to the PBS ombudsman”:
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#CPT12 @ColoPublicTV
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[6] – 3/26/2013 – My Critique of Bob Blaskiewicz (Colorado Public Television – PBS CPT12):

Critiquing: In which the latest movie about Stanislaw Burzynski “cancer cure” is reviewed…with Insolence

6/3/2013 “Orac” (@oracknows Dr. David H. Gorski @gorskon @ScienceBasedMed #sciencebasedmedicine
posted his laughable review of:

Burzynski: Cancer Is Serious Business, Part II

In which the latest movie about Stanislaw Burzynski “cancer cure” is reviewed…with Insolence
I’ve been ignoring “Orac” lately, since unlike “Orac,” I’ve been doing REAL research; which “Orac” has made excuses for NOT doing

Unlike “Orac,” my critique is done in order as it appears in Part 2

11/29/2011 “Orac” posted a review of the 1st #Burzynski Documentary:
12/12/2012 “Orac” was on vacation from his “exhaustive research” re Dr. Stanislaw Rajmund Burzynski, so one of his “Oracolytes” posted:
This was a repost of “Orac’s” 11/29/2011 review of Burzynski Part 1

I posted a critique of “Orac’s” cherry-picked 12/12/2012 posting

If you access the above link and scroll down, you will see that it only has comments from the day the article was posted (12/12/2012) through 1/30/2013

A grand total of about a month and a half

Comment #15 is the last item

This is a rarity since usually “Orac” has more than 15 comments to one of his posts

Gee, Orac

You didn’t delete my critique from your blog, did you?

Like you deleted that you had been approached by Eric Merola to appear in Burzynski 2?

“Orac” whines about Eric Merola’s “exhaustive research,” in a sarcastic manner, and claims that he is “intellectually dishonest”

Let us find out if Gorski is what he claims Merola is
1. (9:14) Chris Onuekwusi

Gorski laments that Mr. Onuekwusi did NOT have surgery, but instead, chose Burzynski

Gorski, why did Mr. Onuekwusi choose Burzynski and NOT surgery?

Since Burzynski is supposedly your fave subject, one would think that you would know, but your blog seems to indicate you are clueless, because you act as if Mr. Onuekwusi was supposed to choose surgery

Gorski, if you had done “exhaustive research” on Burzynski and “Gene-Targeted Cancer Therapy,” you would have viewed this @youtube video:

Texas Med. Bd. v. Dr. Burzynski – Gene-Targeted Cancer Therapy – Case Dismissed 11/19/2012

Gorski, if you would have listened and viewed this video, you would have heard Mr. Onuekwusi just say “NO,” to “SURGERY” at 4:35
2. (31:17) Laura Hymas

Gorski becomes the “apologist” for the unnamed United Kingdom (U.K.) National Health Service (NHS) oncologist who Ben, Laura, and her parents converse with on the recording

(36:35) Ben makes it clear that the Primary Care Trust would pay for the 8 week MRI scans, blood tests, and personal health check

Gorski completely ignores this in his review

(37:00) Ben points out that just the past Wednesday, a friend of theirs, a prior 7-year-old Burzynski patient who was now 11, had seen this doctor, and this patient had been cared for by a UK doctor after returning from America

(38:30) Ben indicated that the doctor would be sent a sheet that would need to be faxed to Burzynski with the blood test results and such

The doctor said to let him know when Laura needed a scan, but then it seems he reneged on that

Gorski completely ignores all this

Laura’s mom raised the issue that no matter the doctor’s opinion about Burzynski, he had taken the Hippocratic oath
� � � � � � � � � � � � � � � �
I swear to fulfill, to the best of my ability and judgment, this covenant:

I will respect the hard-won scientific gains of those physicians in whose steps I walk, and gladly share such knowledge as is mine with those who are to follow.

I will apply, for the benefit of the sick, all measures [that] are required, avoiding those twin traps of overtreatment and therapeutic nihilism.

I will remember that there is art to medicine as well as science, and that warmth, sympathy, and understanding may outweigh the surgeon’s knife or the chemist’s drug.

I will not be ashamed to say “I know not,” nor will I fail to call in my colleagues when the skills of another are needed for a patient’s recovery.

I will respect the privacy of my patients, for their problems are not disclosed to me that the world may know.

Most especially must I tread with care in matters of life and death.

If it is given me to save a life, all thanks.

But it may also be within my power to take a life; this awesome responsibility must be faced with great humbleness and awareness of my own frailty.

Above all, I must not play at God.

I will remember that I do not treat a fever chart, a cancerous growth, but a sick human being, whose illness may affect the person’s family and economic stability.

My responsibility includes these related problems, if I am to care adequately for the sick.

I will prevent disease whenever I can, for prevention is preferable to cure.

I will remember that I remain a member of society, with special obligations to all my fellow human beings, those sound of mind and body as well as the infirm.

If I do not violate this oath, may I enjoy life and art, respected while I live and remembered with affection thereafter.

May I always act so as to preserve the finest traditions of my calling and may I long experience the joy of healing those who seek my help.
Perhaps the UK doctor believes the Hippocratic oath is a joke, and maybe Gorski does also

(42:15) Laura’s parents give the UK N.H.S. the “business”
3. (1:00:00) Tori Moreno

Merola relates that brainstem glioma has a median survival of shorter than a year, and other data

(1:01:40) Tori’s father reveals that he was told in August of 1998 that she was going to die because of the Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma (DIPG) which was almost completely replacing the pons region and extending beyond the brainstem itself
Gorski rants because Eric missed the following 3 publications re spontaneous regression which are not even titled as DIPG’s

None of these publications were around in 1998

Gorski does NOT indicate whether any of the lesions were as large as Tori’s, and that the infants would die

The last one has nothing to do with children
4/2007 – Spontaneous remission of a diffuse brainstem lesion in a neonate
Pediatr Radiol. 2007 Apr;37(4):399-402. Epub 2007 Feb 23.
Pediatric Radiology
April 2007, Volume 37, Issue 4, pp 399-402
Department of Diagnostic and Interventional Radiology, University of Leipzig, Leipzig, Germany

7 week infant – spontaneous remission of diffuse brainstem lesion

Clinical / MRI strongly suggested diffuse pontine glioma

MRI studies showed continuous decrease in size of lesion

No longer visible at 27 months (2 years 3 months)

Spontaneous remission of diffuse pontine glioma extremely rare

To our knowledge there are reports of only 3 similar cases
1/2005 – Spontaneous regression of a diffuse brainstem lesion in the neonate. Report of two cases and review of the literature.
J Neurosurg. 2005 Jan;102(1 Suppl):65-71.
Journal of Neurosurgery: Pediatrics
Vol. 102: 65-71 (Volume publication date: January 2005)
DOI: 10.3171/ped.2005.102.1.0065
Section of Pediatric Neurosurgery, Department of Surgery, Children’s Hospital of Columbus, Ohio, USA.

2 newborns with diffuse brainstem lesions regressed without treatment

characteristics of diffuse brainstem glioma

Subcategory of diffuse lesions may exist, particularly in neonatal period

Must be stressed that nearly all patients with diffuse brainstem lesions experience poor outcome, regardless of tumor grade or treatment
2/2005 – A brainstem cavernoma demonstrating a dramatic, spontaneous decrease in size during follow-up: case report and review of the literature.
Surg Neurol. 2005 Feb;63(2):170-3; discussion 173.
Department of Neurosurgery, Osaka City General Hospital, Osaka, Japan
Surgical Neurology
Volume 63, Issue 2, February 2005, Pages 170–173

42-year-old woman

Pontine cavernoma

Large brainstem cavernoma showing spontaneous, dramatic reduction in size after removal of only biopsy specimen of lesion
Gorski does NOT address where Tori’s father states that a gag order was in effect so that he could NOT discuss which insurance company paid for Tori’s care
4. Amelia Saunders

No, Gorski, Eric did NOT say:

“Two months after this interview, Amelia’s brain tumor began to swell and fill with fluid. There was confusion and disagreement between their local radiologists and the radiologists in Houston about why this was happening—so her parents decided to discontinue antineoplaston therapy.”

He says:

“Two months after this interview Amelia’s condition began to deteriorate…”

Unless your purchased version of the movie somehow magically differs from the free version that was available 7/13/2013 – 7/20/2013
5. (1:10:00) Accelerated Approval

Gorski, being his usual SkeptiCoward© self, does NOT broach the subject of why the United States Food and Drug Administration granted accelerated approval to Temodar (1999) and Avastin (2009), but has NOT granted approval for antineoplastons A10 and AS2-1, even though the FDA supervised Burzynski’s phase 2 clinical trials and was at the Burzynski Clinic going through their documentation, and as Fabio pointed out, Burzynski has provided the FDA with 2.5 million pages of clinical trial documents
(37:20) 4/27/2013
6. (1:10:12) FDA requiring radiation be used in Burzynski’s phase 3 clinical trial even though Burzynski had shown better results when radiation is NOT used before antineoplaston administration

Again, Gorski does NOT touch this with the proverbial ZZ Top Ten-Foot Pole, as is his custom
7. (1:20:20) Bob Blaskiewicz

(Also known as rjblaskiewicz @rjblaskiewicz Robert J. Blaskiewicz Faux Skeptic Exposed! Blatherskitewicz

See also: Robert Quickert @RobertQuickert (also known as Robert Quackert a/k/a RobertQuackert)
Gorski has nothing to say about his fellow “man-crush’s” comments re Burzynski’s clinical trials allegedly being:

“unpromising imaginary trials”

even though phase 2 clinical trials are for:

“evidence of effectiveness”

and the FDA has approved phase 3 trials for Burzynski, which is for:

“Phase 3 studies begin if EVIDENCE of EFFECTIVENESS is shown in Phase 2″
“These studies gather more information about safety and EFFECTIVENESS”

Nor does Gorski comment on his pal’s comment that Burzynski’s clinical trials are a “scam,” which in turn means that he is stating that the F.D.A. is involved in a “scam”

Gorski is also silent on his blog buddy’s statement that Burzynski’s clinical trials are “unproven,” since ALL clinical trials are “unproven” until such time as the FDA approves the drug(s)
8. (1:23:20) Death Cult

Blaskiewicz also postulates that Burzynski has a “death cult,” and Gorski, who claims:

“I will call you out publicly”

in relation to the critics, cynics, The Skeptics™, and SkeptiCowards© who posted certain twits on Twitter

It seems that that standard possibly does NOT apply to Gorski’s bud
9. (1:25:50) Costs of clinical trials

Bobby also ridicules how much it costs to run a clinical trial, as if he’s a clueless “sheeple” who does NOT know how to do real research, like Gorski

Gorski plays “silent Bob” to “Bob”
10. (1:26:30) $800,000 a month standard care for cancer treatment

When it is pointed out that antineoplaston (ANP) treatment was costing $10,000 a month, yet the individual knew someone who had an $800,000 a month standard care for cancer treatment bill, Gorski was as silent as a titmouse
11. (1:27:38) Gorski

Gorski gets a mention, and his comment is that at least he can use his blog as a tax write off

Gorski, I do this for FREE

NO tax write off
12. (1:27:50) Gorski’s Respectful Insolence blogsplat

“Orac” gets some screen-time

More on his blog, after the below entries
13. (1:29:53) 11/26/2012 The Lancet Oncology Peer Review Team D-12-01519

Gorski can NOT seem to bring himself to pontificate on The Lancet’s lame excuse for NOT publishing Burzynski’s phase 2 clinical trial Progression-Free Survival (PFS) and Overall Survival (OS) re patients 8 – 16 years after diagnosis, results, and the Lancet Peer Review Team coming up with this piss-poor ejaculation in 2 hours 8 minutes and 51 seconds

Gorski #FAIL
14. Herceptin

Gorski pretends he took a bathroom break when Burzynski mentions he was using Herceptin to treat stomach cancer when the FDA had only approved it initially for brain cancer, and only later approved it for stomach cancer after Burzynski was already using it for that purpose
15. Tennessee and Alabama doctors

Gorski is as silent as a church mouse on making any comments derogatory as to the doctors who had treated Burzynski patients
16. Texas Medical Board

Gorski calls for Burzynski’s medical license to be pulled; apparently because Gorski still does NOT understand what the term “standard of care” means

Yet Gorski is a clam when it comes to the last time the TMB went after Burzynski and FAILED, as to why the TMB did NOT go after the specific doctors at the Burzynski Clinic who were actually those patients doctor of record, if the TMB had an actual case; though I should point out that it was predominantly the State Office of Administrative Hearings involved in that fiasco
17. Twitter

Gorski mentions an individual who posted tweets, and posted, as I mentioned in 8., above:

“I will call you out publicly”

as if everyone reads his blog!

I have absolutely NO qualms about

calling them out publicly, NOW:

“appears to be just a money laundry for a lying quack fraud”


“when Laura dies #Burzynski will just move on to his next mark if she doesn’t run out of money first”

BurzynskiSaves (@BurzynskiSaves) tweeted at 7:42pm – 25 Dec 11:

“@RatbagsDotCom:They will be even more vulnerable when Laura dies and #Burzynski forgets her and moves on to the next mark” #unconscionable https://twitter.com/BurzynskiSaves/status/151115741888909312

Gee, willikers!

Is that YOU, Peter Bowditch (also known as HeadInDitch)?
18. FDA

Nary a word does Gorski spout about the FDA and the comments made about who it really serves
19. The “Present”

Gorski comments about the “present” that Blaskiewicz was involved with:
1/6/2013 – PZ Myers Let’s make Houston cancer quack Burzynski pay! http://scienceblogs.com/pharyngula/2013/01/06/lets-make-houston-cancer-quack-burzynski-pay/
“That’s why I like the idea of the campaign that Bob Baskiewicz has come up with to wish Dr. Burzynski a happy birthday this year, skeptic style:” http://thehoustoncancerquack.com/2013/01/04/happy-birthday-dr-burzynski/
I posted blogs about what this “present” REALLY was:
Critiquing Bob Blaskiewicz (#Burzynski Cancer is Serious Business, Part II):
The “present” included sayings like:

“Let’s make Houston cancer quack Burzynski pay!”

“there is a plan to remind him of the grief he has caused”

“his snake oil”

“bilk people out of buckets of money”

“Crime does pay”

“This fraud”

“The Burzynski clinic is a place you go to die”

“The lies”

“his quackery”

I guess this means Gorski has given this his “Orac” stamp of approval
20. Whiny Gorski, Part 2

Just like in his review of the 1st Burzynski documentary where Gorski claimed he was going to deal predominantly with “science,” but then ended up whining about almost everything under the sun, Gorski does the same with Burzynski 2, which is hilarious, since he blathers about the narration of the movie as if it is “creepy,” when it is no more “creepy” than his lame “cancer researcher” pal:

21. Publication of final phase 2 clinical trial results

Gorski blogsplats that Burzynski has NOT published his final results, but ignores that Burzynski’s 1st completed phase 2 clinical trial was in 2009, and that MD Anderson, which had done a clinical trial in 2006, did NOT publish their results until 6-7 years later, in 2013
It really does NOT matter if Burzynski does publish the final results, since Gotski can just whine that phase 2 trials are only for “evidence of effectiveness,” or make excuses that he does NOT understand the publication(s), but then again, I’m guessing that Gorski did NOT graduate 1st in his class, unlike Burzynski
22. “I’ve recently learned a lot about how and why these trials were originally approved by the FDA”

Gorski posits the above in regards to Burzynski’s clinical trials

What, Gorski ?

Did that UK NHS employee @FrozenWarning (a/k/a Frozen Boring a/k/a FrozenBoring) who posts on your blogsplat, finally let you in on the details of their post on #Forbes, when your “bud” Dr. Peter A. Lipson posted that mudfish-wrap:
“A Film Producer, A Cancer Doctor, And Their Critics”

where FW posted:

“The FDA was ordered by a scientifically illiterate judge to allow these trials, they had no choice.”

whilst doing what The Skeptics™ SkeptiCowards© are famous for, providing NO citation, reference, and / or link in support of this claim

Or did you finally read all the comments I posted on your blogsplat, outlining how Burzynski went through the process of getting the clinical trials underway, before you BLOCKED me for pointing out that you and The Skeptics™ SkeptiCowards© are:

“intellectually dishonest” ?

August 15, 1935, A Day That Will Live In Infirmary

On that day, Oklahoman William Penn Adair “Will” Rogers departed from us, leaving America wondering who would be able to fill the shoes left by a man with the “gift of gab,” and full of such Wit and Wisdom?

Who would take his place ?

George Herbert Walker Bush:

“Read My Lips” “No New Taxes” ?
William (call me “Bill”) Jefferson Clinton:

“It Depends Upon What the Meaning of the Word “IS,” is” ?
George W. Bush:

The “Mission Accomplished” Speech ?
Barack Hussein Obama:

“Yes We Can” ?

The Magic 8-Ball appeared before HIM in a curling whisp of smoke, and HE stretched forth HIS hand, and spake to the “Oracolytes,” assembled before HIM thusly as a mighty milling herd of Sheeple


Supreme “Leader” of the “Oracolytes”

“Dr. David H. Gorski”
(@gorskon, @oracknows, @sciencebasedmed, #sciencebasedmedicine
“Unlike Mr. Merola, I am indeed very concerned with getting my facts correct”
And the bleating that arose was tremendous in its force and power, deafening –

“the ignorant, the unthinking and the credulous.”‘

Many had to be immediately evacuated to the nearest infirmary to have their stitches removed, having been tied in stitches by laughter, yea, stitched to be tied

And so plods forward the “War on Cancer”

“Unlike Mr.Merola,I am…very concerned with getting my facts correct”

A Film Producer, A Cancer Doctor, And Their Critics

Mr. Lipson,
I read your article with amusement.
Your suggestion that it’s “unusual for a film critic to be harassed (in my opinion) by a fan-film producer,” made me laugh.
The “alleged” film critic posted a video on YouTube with a number of inaccuracies and suspect material in it, which I have covered on my blog.
Labeling the “documentary” as a “fan-film” and the producer’s request that this “fact-challenged” video be taken down as “harassment,” (in my opinion) is quite a stretch.
The “vloggers” paranoid statement re “force me to give him my home address so that I can be the subject of legal harassment and intimidation by his lawyers and media thugs,” is hilarious.
Your comment that Burzynski is not an oncologist is irrelevant; unless you have evidence that oncologists are more intelligent than biochemists like Burzynski, who has an oncologist as a co-author on his 2003-2006 phase II clinical trial preliminary reports.
I wonder why you refer to Burzynski’s at least 36 cancer publications, as “few.”
Nor am I sure how you came up with one completed trial, unless you are expecting that any source you are using other than the National Cancer Institute (NCI) at the National Institutes of Health (NIH), to be correct.
Burzynski does not receive federal funding, and donations are not tax deductible, so the money for clinical trials has to come from some source.
Some of your vaunted Burzynski critics resort to adolescent name-calling on various social media and block and censor remarks by those who might question their “infallibility.”
That is why I use a pseudonym.
Thank you for making me laugh.

Critiquing the Critics at Sciencebasedmedicine (Burzynski: Cancer Is A Serious Business, Part 2:)

Like the first Burzynski movie, only more so?


Merola is subhuman filth

We’re accused of bullying cancer patients online for daring to say

“there’s no evidence”,

yet he can effectively say

“Those parents killed their children

They weren’t Burzynskiite Twoo Believers, and look at the result” on film, without feeling remotely troubled about it

and how it was abused by Stan the Conman*

For Merola to stoop so low as to place the death of these tiny children on the heads of their parents, is something I cannot understand

It makes me with I believed in god and hell

It’s just unfathomable that someone could be so base and callous about dead children

But no, we’re the evil ones

*Almost as bad as this is Stan’s new spin doctor’s claim that the fundraising families have lied about the costs of “treatment” in order to fleece the public”

After reading the above comments that were Eblurto’d out:

“It makes me with”

I had NOT read it

Maybe ElBlurto should have read THIS:





A lot of the Burzynski publicists’ favorite cases seem to have been cancers where the chances weren’t good right from the beginning — diffuse pontine glioma, glioblastoma multiforme, etc

This allows them to paint doctors as cold for not promising much hope

It’s the old

“Doctors sent me home to die!” meme

Patients who want to be given hope, above all hope, sometimes interpret bad news as deliberate cruelty”

You mean all of Burzynski’s success were because of Doctors misdiagnoses; since they should have told the patient to go home and “Heal Thyself” through “Spontaneous Regression” ?

Immunity over inability:

The spontaneous regression of cancer
J Nat Sci Biol Med. 2011 Jan-Jun; 2(1): 43–49.
doi: 10.4103/0976-9668.82318
PMCID: PMC3312698

“Guy Chapman

How could you be so heartless, Dr Gorski?

Eric Merola almost bankrupted himself to bring us this compelling tale of the brave maverick doctor whose success in promoting a non-toxic cure for cancer has been ruined by evil skeptics in the pay of Big Pharma!

Surely that outweighs all the suffering and crippling financial burden imposed on patients?

Surely we must give Burzynski a free pass form all criticism of his unethical and frankly incompetently conducted trials, in recognition of the selfless sacrifice of a man who might not make any money out of his latest long-form advertisement?”

You mean the man a “Skeptic Mule” questioned about funding because he used a tactic familiar to a lot of critics, the “I can’t be bothered to research” tactic:

“I can take satisfaction that when Brian got up to ask a question, identified himself as a Skeptic

(a “skeptic mule,” to be precise),

and, prefacing his question with the observation that Merola accused all of us of being funded by pharma,

asked him about how he has funded his movies,

Merola reportedly looked none too pleased. It was at this point that I think we get a full lesson in where Merola’s at”


Ah, I get it now

The Skeptics™ are the cranky old person at the end of the street, the one who screams,

“Get off my lawn, damn kids!” at passersby, launching into meandering screeds when provoked

“In my day, we didn’t have any of this ‘antineoplaston’ tomfoolery

No, when you got cancer, you suffered until you died!

It was character building.””