Critiquing “The Skeptic” Burzynski Critics: A Film Producer, A Cancer Doctor, And Their Critics (page 4)
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4/19/2013 @ 9:43PM

A Film Producer, A Cancer Doctor, And Their Critics

chriswinter 5 days ago

“As for Burzynski, if he had something real to show he would not lack for either peer-reviewed publications or mainstream funding.”

“But I guess the few clients he has are his only source of funding, and instead of peer-review and vindication he has to fall back on ads

chriswinter, also provides no evidence of knowledge of the subject-matter

Boris Ogon 6 days ago

(citing Angel of Life 6 days ago)

“I would be far more likely to invest in Burzynzki’s–innovative, not harmful, saves lives no-one else can!”

(Boris Ogon 6 days ago)

“I take it that by “not harmful” you mean “aside from the possibly life-threatening hypernatremia, not to mention edema and seizures” from just the sodium load in “antineoplastons.””

Mr. Ogon, of course, has had no response for this:

JGC2013 4 days ago

“There’s no clinical evidence that antineoplaston therapy is effective at treating advanced cancers.”

Where is the evidence that antineoplastons are non-harmful, or have been responsible for saving lives no one else could?

Burzynski hasn’t published any.

JGC2013, shows the same lack of knowledge as Mr. Ogon

guychapman 4 days ago

“Cut, poison, burn” is another bullshit meme from Gary Null.

“Apparently the woo-believers think people go to medical school motivated by the desire to kill people in the most unpleasant way possible, and the best and brightest don’t go to med school but instead graduate from unaccredited correspondence schools, if at all.”

Mr. guychapman (also known as Guy Chapman @ScepticGuy @vGuyUK), which unaccredited correspondence school did you graduate from, if any?

Boris Ogon

“You are right now having a live “debate” in front of more than 10,000 people, … “


Not so much

Waiting for the 10,000

4/19/2013 @ 9:43PM

Peter Lipson: “Speech is best countered by more speech”