Critiquing: Six stubborn myths about cancer

Friday 8/30/2013 11.42 EDT (Science), David Robert Grimes published:

“Six stubborn myths about cancer”

“While these people may be well-meaning but misinformed, there are more dubious outfits such as the Burzynski clinic, which claims to have pioneered a new form of cancer treatment known as antineoplastons”

“Yet since its foundation in 1976, the clinic has produced no peer-reviewed evidence that its wares actually work, and charges patients colossal amounts of money to undergo clinical trials, which is an ethically questionable practice”

“Critics of the clinic have been subjected to threats of litigation”

“Stanislaw Burzynski, its founder, has been sued by former patients for defrauding them”

“Despite this, he is often framed as a hero being suppressed by “big pharma”, tying neatly into the conspiracy fallacy and ignoring the fact that such organisations make substantial profit from very ill people without offering any verified treatment”

Mr. Grimes has NOT impressed me with his knowledge on the subject-matter, but than again, he is only a physicist and researcher
David Robert Grimes is a physicist and researcher at Oxford University who writes for The Irish Times
He tweets as @drg1985 and blogs at Three men make a tiger
A challenge has been issued

31 August 2013 1:30am

I have yet to have anyone prove me wrong about Burzynski on my blog, including “The Skeptics”

However. I have also caught a lot of the Burzynski Skeptics providing misinformation, disinformation, and misdirection; including an M.D., Ph.D

The Skeptics have been pretty much afraid to engage me on the subject
What do you think of this 2013 homoeopathic cancer study?
P.S.: I see some of “The Skeptics™” showed up in The Guardian comments section, and tweeted about it
How funny!

They deleted my above comment but keep that of others who use similar language

I’m calling B.S.

31 August 2013 1:30am

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