Keir Liddle and the Cult of MISINFORMATION

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The Anti Burzynski Movement?

Posted by Skeptic News

By Keir Liddle

“As Edzard Ernst puts it”

“Ad hominem attacks are signs of victories of reason over unreason“:

“Ersnt treats this tactic as a sign skeptics and critics are winning the argument

That those who resort to these tactics aren’t in fact insulting us but rather they are complementing the strength and rigour of our arguments

They can find no reasoned argument or rational rebuttal to the points or criticisms raised so they resort to insults or fantastical conspiracy theories to dismiss and defame their critics”

“As for the accusation that I have been involved in spreading MISINFORMATION?

Well all the articles I have written on Burzynski link to the sources they base their arguments on

To those who would believe that I am spreading MISINFORMATION I invite you to go back to the sources and read through them, don’t rely simply on the cherry picked and neatly presented resources available from Eric Merola on the Burzynski Movie site

See what everyone has to say and then make up your mind”

Burzynski clinic responds to criticism! (Sort of)

Posted by Endless Psych

By Keir Liddle

“Problematically for Burzynskis publishing ambitions the STABLE DISEASE category is not recognized by FDA as a measure of response”

Is this Burzynski critic “spreading MISINFORMATION” ?

Guidance for Industry – Food and Drug Administration

Guidance for Industry

Clinical Trial Endpoints for the Approval of Cancer Drugs and Biologics

U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Food and Drug Administration

Center for Drug Evaluation and Research (CDER)

Center for Biologics Evaluation and Research (CBER)

May 2007 Clinical/Medical

“STABLE DISEASE should not be a component of ORR

STABLE DISEASE can reflect the natural history of disease”
(Pg. 10 of 22 = actual pg. 7 of PDF)

“Also, STABLE DISEASE can be more accurately assessed by TTP or PFS analysis (see below)”
(Pg. 11 of 22 = actual pg. 8 of PDF)

Click to access ucm071590.pdf

Oh where, oh where, has The 21st Floor gone? Oh where, oh where, can it be?