The Invisible Dragon in your Garage: September 28, 2013 “The Skeptics™” Burzynski discussion: By Bob Blaskiewicz – 2:19:51

BB – Bob Blaskiewicz
DJT – Didymus Judas Thomas
BB“Well, that seems to give him an instant out, no matter what happens”

“That turns his claims into something that’s unfalsifiable

“If I could give you an example of what unfalsifiable is”

“Um, and I’ll I’ll draw an uh, uh, case, uh hypothetical case of um uh proposed by Carl Sagan as the invisible dragon in your garage
BB“If you say you have have a dragon in your garage, um, you know, you should be able to go over and verify that there’s a dragon in the garage

“So let’s say we go over to Carl Sagan’s garage and, you know”

“Well, I don’t see anything”

“Well it’s an invisible dragon

“Well okay, well then, let’s uh spray paint it

“Well, it’s incorporeal

“Well, uh, let’s measure for the heat of the breath

“Well it’s heatless flame that it breathes

“And, you know, okay, well then we’ll put flour down on the ground to see that it’s it it’s standing there”

“And, oh no it’s ah it’s floating

“Well, you know, at some point, when you can’t falsify something”

“When you cannot, even in principle, prove something false, it’s indistinguishable from something that’s not there”

“And that kind of out, that oh well the tumor can keep on growing”

“Th” (laugh) “that that that’s an invisible dragon, as far as I can tell”
DJT – Bob, what the problem is ?

Do you NOT know how to prove there’s an “invisible dragon in Carl Sagan’s garage” ?


I’ve heard they consider “The Skeptics™” to be a “delicacy”

(Sung to “The Adam’s Family” theme)
They’re smelly and they’re Stinky
They’re nothing like a Twinkie
They’re full of deceit, doom, and Doubt
They like to scream and Shout
They wouldn’t have it any other Way
That’s why DragonBall Z Pee Pee is here to Stay


P.S. If that doesn’t work, blow the garage up

Problem solved
September 28, 2013 “The Skeptics™” Burzynski discussion: By Bob Blaskiewicz – 2:19:51