Critiquing: Joe Schwarcz: The cancer conspiracy unveiled

Joe Schwarcz ?


Joe Schmo ?

Our average Joe wrote a “crabby” piece in a SPECIAL TO THE (Montreal) GAZETTE JULY 31, 2013
Mr. Average Joe claims:

“Being in the science-communication business requires currency with both the scientific and pseudo-scientific gusts of information that blow through the Internet

Perhaps he’s getting a bad exchange rate when his piece crosses the border

Joe asserts:

“I subscribe to a large number…”

Well, reading his article lets the reader know what a “large number” of sundries he “subscribes to”

“[T]here is a conspiracy between “Big Pharma” and mainstream medicine to hide effective “natural” cancer cures from the public”

“Average” Joe mentions The Soviets, which is timely, since I have recently referred to Critics, Cynics, SkepTicks, The Skeptics™,
“#ScienceBasedMedicine” SkeptiCowards© as employing Soviet-style propaganda techniques; The Soviets apparently somehow had NOT managed to keep this crowning achievement from the West

“Average” Dr. Joe Show goes on to erupt:

“But you can take this to the bank

there is no conspiracy to keep cancer cures from the public

If you do want to look for a conspiracy, take a look at those who are trying to make a buck from promoting the notion that such a conspiracy exists”

what?! really? What??!! Really?? WHAT???!!! REALLY???


Welcome to #MizTV and the #WhatFamily

Hey, Joe!

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Joe Schwarcz is director of McGill University’s Office for Science & Society (