August 15, 1935, A Day That Will Live In Infirmary

On that day, Oklahoman William Penn Adair “Will” Rogers departed from us, leaving America wondering who would be able to fill the shoes left by a man with the “gift of gab,” and full of such Wit and Wisdom?

Who would take his place ?

George Herbert Walker Bush:

“Read My Lips” “No New Taxes” ?

William (call me “Bill”) Jefferson Clinton:

“It Depends Upon What the Meaning of the Word “IS,” is” ?

George W. Bush:

The “Mission Accomplished” Speech ?

Barack Hussein Obama:

“Yes We Can” ?


The Magic 8-Ball appeared before HIM in a curling whisp of smoke, and HE stretched forth HIS hand, and spake to the “Oracolytes,” assembled before HIM thusly as a mighty milling herd of Sheeple


Supreme “Leader” of the “Oracolytes”

“Dr. David H. Gorski”
(@gorskon, @oracknows, @sciencebasedmed, #sciencebasedmedicine,
“Unlike Mr. Merola, I am indeed very concerned with getting my facts correct”
And the bleating that arose was tremendous in its force and power, deafening –

“the ignorant, the unthinking and the credulous.”‘

Many had to be immediately evacuated to the nearest infirmary to have their stitches removed, having been tied in stitches by laughter, yea, stitched to be tied

And so plods forward the “War on Cancer”

“Unlike Mr.Merola,I am…very concerned with getting my facts correct”