“The Amazing Meeting” (I don’t think it means, what you think it says it means): 2 Intellectually and Ethically Challenged Individuals, Twaddle at TAM 2013

Gentlemen, I start your Insolence 😇
(1:30) [1]
The “motto” of “The Amazing (Not so Much) Meeting” is “Fighting Fakers,” which is apropos, since I doubt that “Orac” the “Check my Facts” Hack of Dr. David H. Gorski, grasps the irony, that when I read some of his blog articles, you could easily switch his name with the name of some individual he is flogging, and the proverbial shoe fits, and:
“This is a guy who sometimes fools even, you know, physicians”
(I couldn’t have said it better, myself) 😊
He states:

“There is a long segment about “The Skeptics”

(applause) 😝
“His lawyer wrote a book”

“About a half of it is about Burzynski [4]
Gorski mentions that Burzynski noticed that there were higher levels of these chemicals in healthy people, than people with cancer
Whereas, Burzynski is on record as having said [5]:

” . . . healthy people have abundance of these chemicals in blood
Cancer patients have varied to none

I did NOT know before now, that GorskGeek thinks that “none” is a “level” 😶
He continues:

AS2.1 – which is a chemical called phenylacetic acid, which is a byproduct of metabolism that turns into phenylacetylglutamine by the liver

A10 – soluble is basically the same thing
It breaks down to PAG

I thought it was: AS2 1 😊

They are “basically the same thing” ? 😳

What does Burzynski say ? [6]

Phenylacetylglutaminate (PG) and Phenylacetate (PN) are metabolites of Phenylbutyrate (PB) and are constituents of antineoplaston AS2-1

PG and PN are naturally occurring in human body as result of metabolism of phenylalanine in liver and kidneys

formulation of antineoplaston AS2-1 is 4:1 mixture of synthetic PN and PG

A10 is 4:1 mixture of PG and iso-PG

That does NOT look like “basically the same thing” to me 😛

Gorski founders on:

“And these are substances which were actually studied in the ’50’s and ’60’s and not found to be particularly, um, promising, but, he didn’t know that then”
GorskGeek has #FAILED miserably to prove that on his blogs [7] 😄
Gorski comments about Burzynski’s “animal testing,” “species specific” claims:

“There are ways of getting around that”
But Gorski, again, has #FAILED miserably to prove it [8] 😅
Gorski makes lame excuses about the NCI phase II clinical trial [9] 😖
Gorski claims Burzynski was indicted for insurance fraud in the 1997 case 😱
GorskGeek, care to try and prove that one also ? [10] 😃
Gorski then states that out of 61 trials on clinicaltrials . gov, “most” are “closed or unknown”
GorskGeek #FAILED again 😁

At the time it was:

1 – Not Yet Recruiting
(OPEN)(Phase 3)
(Withdrawn due to slow enrollment)
(This study has been withdrawn prior to enrollment)
10 – Recruiting
40 – Active, not recruiting –
Gorski attempts to go all “legal eagle”:

“Listen to Burzynski’s lawyer!”

“You listen to Burzynski’s lawyer; and, and I swear I don’t understand, like why Burzynski would let him, let his lawyer say stuff this damning in his own book, but he does”

“So, get a load of some of these quotes, referring to one of the clinical trials, he says:”

“It was a joke”

“. . . there could not be any possibility of meaningful data coming out of the so-called clinical trial, it was all an artifice, that, you know, designed so that they could continue giving the treatment

“The FDA wanted all of his patients to be on an IND, so, that’s what we did”
Gorski, attorney Rick Jaffe is an American, living in America NOT the formerly communist Poland

He can say whatever he wants

GorskGeek is NOT a lawyer 😓

And there’s an excellent reason why

Nor is he schooled in the proper usage of the English language


” . . . the so-called clinical trial . . .”

Any human being with a modicum of intelligence about the English language, understands that the term “clinical trial” is singular, i.e. one

Burzynski’s lawyer is obviously referring to the CAN-1 clinical trial mentioned in Burzynski’s 11/25/1997 Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) filing [11]

One trial that is retrospective is CAN-1 Clinical Trial


133 patients
Clinical trial of patients treated by Dr. Burzynski through 2/23/1996

FDA has indicated it will not accept data generated by this trial since it was not a wholly prospective one
Gorski continues his trend of #FAILURES when he mentions the additional types of treatments that Burzynski was offering, but he #FAILED to mention [12] 😂
” … in 1997, his medical practice was expanded to include traditional cancer treatment options such as chemotherapy, gene targeted therapy, immunotherapy and hormonal therapy in response to FDA requirements that cancer patients utilize more traditional cancer treatment options in order to be eligible to participate in the Company’s Antineoplaston clinical trials”
Gorski addresses the case of Tori Moreno
Kim Moreno states:

“We originally were at Miller’s Children at Long Beach Memorial and then went to City of Hope

“We also sent her MRI’s to Dr. Fred Epstein in New York to be looked at”

Gorski suggests that 3 different opinions could have misdiagnosed Tori Moreno

You can read an interview with Tori’s mother [13]
Gorski goes on to mention Burzynski patients going to Texas Children’s Hospital with hypernatremia issues
Gorski, do you mean this ? [14]

The changing pattern of hypernatremia in hospitalized children

Department of Pediatrics, Texas Children’s Hospital, Baylor College of Medicine, Houston, Texas, USA
Gorski mangles the case of Hannah Bradley, who had a grade 3 anaplastic astrocytoma brain tumor

GorskGeek makes excuses like “spontaneous remission”, but then provides no citation, reference, or link to a case of such a tumor having spontaneously exhibited remission [15]
Gorski states that antineoplastons are chemotherapy
No, Gorski, antineoplaston are:

“…an unapproved drug, not ordinary “chemotherapy [16] 😣
Gorski claims in regard to Burzynski’s personalized gene-targeted therapy:

” . . . gives to the patient without regard for synergistic toxicity

“Boom, there you go”
Gorski’s #FAIL rate continues, as Burzynski has stated that phase 2 and 3 publications are reviewed as part of this process [17]

Gorski, you should hire out to the Democratic Party as their mascot, because you must be the biggest pompous ASS I’ve ever seen 😜

Gorski, my advice: don’t quit your day job, HACK 😷
The #TAM2013 audience then has to suffer through 22:36 of the blatherskite of Robert J. (don’t call me Bobby) “Bob” Blaskiewicz Blatherskitewicz [2]

He blathers about the “dozen,” “17,” “16 dead,” “pancreatic cancer,” “Joseph, who was alive but died well within the life expectancy given his diagnosis,” “Joann, who was alive but died within a year of starting therapy,” “Irene S., who was dead within month,” “Maxine, who was already dead,” the “103 in 2011,” “63 in mid-June,” “17 on original 1999 site,” “about 3 added a year,” the “about 50 stories,” “1/10th of patient names gathered,” “Amelia S. – 7, tumor breaking up,” “Chase,” “Cody – 1994, 20 years ago, 2 visits, 6 weeks treatment breaking up,” “David,” “Janet, 3 – 5 yrs., oncologist, now dead, ovarian cancer,” “Pete took video down,” “8,000 patients,” “probable ischemic necrosis,” “13 yr. old, getting worse getting better, vomited – Marlene, nurse,” “Rory died 2005,” “Supatra, swelling, last wed., brain tumor,” “Side-effect, 2%, sodium load,” “Andrea, U.S. News and World Report, 30% chance recovery, glioblastoma, ANP in luggage, died on plane,” “Cathy wanted to be on ANP, Greg Burzynski, found out only brain tumor,” “Denise D. breast cancer,” and finally:
” … and light as many fires under his butt as we can
Mentions Rick Jaffe’s book Galileo’s Lawyer

All you need to know about Blaskiewicz is:

“White man speak with forked tongue” [18]
The 3rd video is a panel discussion, which includes “man-crush” tag-team [3]

Robert Blaskiewicz and David Gorski
Bob says:

“Yeah, I’m not that type of doctor
Bob, the correct answer for you, is:

“I’m NOT a doctor” QUACK
Gorski gabs that he’s a:

“Game of Thrones Geek”
I just knew I was right, GorskGeek [19]
The only female panelist mentions “bureaucrats”, “wimps”, and “people without balls”
2 out of 3 ain’t bad

She describes the Bob and David show to a T
The claim is made that a Burzynski physician appeared on the Burzynski Facebook page announcing results
Gorski #whines that the Texas Medical Board wasn’t successful in shutting Burzynski down because of “politics”
Gorski gives his usual excuse:

“He’s not an oncologist”
GorskiGeek, that claim is as dead as apparently, quite a number of your brain cells [15]
Audience members are given the opportunity to speak, and this is the garbage served up:
“Hi, this is Susan

Ah, don’t forget to mention that Wikipedia has been a major battlefield

We’ve had 23,000 views to the clinic’s page this last month, also rebutr . . .”
“Control the flow of information”
Gorski pipes up:

“What she said”
Blatherskitewicz chimes in:

“When it comes to Wikipedia can I just mention that is, that is, that that is so effective that Wikipedia was singled out in the most recent Burzynski movie
Gorski chirps:

Bob yacks:

“as being controlled by evil skeptics
Gorski ejaculates:

“No, seriously”
Bob bleats:


“You have to unleash the evil hoards of skeptics

“Wahahaha” 👿
Dr. Stanislaw Burzynski on Wikipedia:

“Simply don’t pay attention to it, because it, it’s not true”

“You won’t be able to, do any, clinical research which we do, without convincing evidence, especially when you have the most powerful agency in the government which is against you

“So they would love to find something which is wrong with what we are doing”

“Ah, so the fact that they’ve, um, agreed that what we have has value, and they allow us to do phase 3 clinical trials it means that we are right”

“Because, uh, uh, nobody who didn’t have any, concrete evidence that it works, would be able to go as far”

“So whatever Wikipedia says, well, I don’t care for them

(laughing) [5]
Enlightening ?

Inspiring ?

Amazing ?


Apparatchiks [20]
[1]David Gorski – Why We Fight (Part I): Stanislaw Burzynski Versus Science-Based Medicine – TAM 2013 11/8/2013 (22:44)

[2]Robert Blaskiewicz – Why We Fight (Part II): It’s All About The Patients – TAM 2013 11/8/2013 (22:36)

[3] – Medical Cranks And Quacks
11/8/2013 (42:42)

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Click to access 9219.pdf

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[17] – 9/4/2013 – University of Michigan, where is alum Dr. David H. “Orac” Gorski’s Grapefruits ?:
[18] – 10/13/2013 – Why “The Skeptics™” Perfessor Robert J. (don’t call me “Bobby”) “Bob” Blaskiewicz (@rjblaskiewicz) of University of Wisconsin, Eau Claire, “Fame,” is a Coward and a Liar:
[19] – 10/27/2013 – “The Skeptics™” Burzynski Bias, Censorship, Lies, and Alibi’s: September 28, 2013 “The Skeptics™” Burzynski discussion: By Bob Blaskiewicz – 2:19:51
[20] – 11/9/2013 – Wikipedia Articles:

Critiquing: Is Eric Merola issuing bogus DMCA takedown notices against critics of Stanislaw Burzynski?

4/19/2013, “The “Skeptics” high priest, “Orac,” delivered a sermon on “demount,” to the “Oracolytes”

Respectful Insolence

Posted by Orac on April 19, 2013
If there is one aspect of cowards like “Orac” and “The Skeptic” Critic “Oracolytes” that is noteworthy, it’s “cowardice”

True, such a tendency is a human trait, but it’s one that seems to be cranked up to 11 in “Orac” and “The Skeptic” Critic “Oracolytes”

We’ve seen it time and time again

Most often, it takes the form of some sort of Twitter and / or blahg or blog bullying, such as when “The Skeptics” bit off more than they could chew by censoring (deleting and /or blocking) comments on:
Forbes (#Forbes)
“Speech is best countered by more speech”
Peter Lipson article:

“A Film Producer, A Cancer Doctor, And Their Critics”

Fortunately, they were ignominiously Faux Skeptic Revealed!, and had to retreat like the scum that they are

(in my not-so-humble opinion)

Over and over and over and over again, the story is the same

A “Skeptic” Critic aims the light of reason into a crevice of unreason and pseudo-nonsense, the target of that light doesn’t like it and, instead of slithering back under the rock from which he came, decides to try to abuse the social media system to get back at “The Skeptics” Critics

In “The Skeptics” universe, thuggery is a feature, not a bug, of wankery and tu-quoc quoankery

1/28/2013, “Orac” linked to and embedded a mischaracterized “excellent” YouTube video by C0nc0rdance

3/11/2013 “Orac” commented:

“(although we do have C0nc0rdance)”
“Orac” requested that I comment on the video:

#6 – Didymus Judas Thomas – At the Tu-Quack Center IMAX 3-D Video Viewing Velodrome – January 28, 2013

“C0nc0rdance” commented:

#49 – c0nc0rdance – January 29, 2013
“Many, many thanks for sharing my video.)…”

My review of C0nc0rdance
“Orac” continues:

“Go to my link right now and try to play the video.”

“What do you see?”

“This video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by Merola Productions, LLC.”

“Yes, apparently Eric Merola has issued a DMCA takedown notice against C0nc0rdance, and Google, as it so often cravenly does, simply complied.”

“At least, that’s what C0nc0rdance has stated, and I have no reason not to believe him.”


“A well-known “vlogger” who goes by the handle “C0nc0rdance” reports receiving a DMCA take-down notice from Eric Merola after posting a video critical of Burzynski.”

“According to C0nc0rdance:

He objected to my “Fair Use” of a small low-res image of his movie poster.”

Burzynski, The Movie shared a link.
about an hour ago

“Wow, and people say the “Skeptics” (aka Astroturf campaign) aren’t powerful and with the system behind them.”

“This is what happens when I take down a YouTube video making false claims against my film and Burzynski as well as illegally using copyrighted images of me without permission within (not to mention publishing my personal emails in which I received countless profanity filled threats also in their YouTube post, and they claim “we” threaten – this is the system fighting back, hard):

“Orac” proceeds:

“In fact, C0nc0rdance posted a brief video explaining what was going on, but if you go to that link you will rapidly find this notice:”

“This video has been removed as a violation of YouTube’s policy against spam, scams, and commercially deceptive content.”

“Gee, I wonder who complained to YouTube about that video so rapidly, given that it hadn’t been up more than a day or so before it was taken down?”

“Could it be…Eric Merola?”

“That would be my first guess, of course.”

If there’s one thing “Orac” is practiced at, it’s “ASSuming;” just like his “Oracolytes:”. lilady, Guy Chapman, frozenwarning, Dr. Paul Morgan, and his “pal,” Dr. Peter A. (“bud”) Lipson

“Orac” states:

“Already, C0nc0rdance’s video about the Burzynski Clinic has been mirrored here, here, and here.”

“Orac” forgets THESE:

dougal445 (@dougal445) tweeted at 1:16am – 19 Apr 13:

I’m Disgusted by #Burzynski . What cunt.would #FalseDMCA
@c0nc0rdance https://t.co/pBWb9RNgaF ?


_1.�Doesn’t exist
_2.�doesn’t exist

_7.�Andy Goodall
_8.�Error loading video
14.�Error loading video
24.�Error loading video
28.�Error loading video
33.�Jim Jesus
35.�tech dirt
37.�Andrew Skegg
38.�Andrew Skegg
40.�danbuzzard . net
41.�danbuzzard . net
55.�skeptical humanities
56.�skeptical humanities
57.�skeptical humanities
58.�skeptical humanities
“Orac” posits:

“I’ll embed one of these mirrored versions of the video for your viewing pleasure.”

“Orac,” ONLY one ?

“It’s really worth taking a look at because it explains the essence of skeptical objections to Burzynski concisely and clearly, so that everyone can understand:”


“Orac” postulates

“No doubt Mr. Merola will take the mirroring of C0nc0rdance’s video as “evidence” of some sort of grand conspiracy by “The Skeptics,” given that he has repeated claims about such grand conspiracies at both of his Q&As after screenings of his new movie.”

“Orac” knows all about “conspiracy,” so much so that his cowardice has been revealed for all to see, HERE:

“Orac” and the “Oracolytes” Cult of Misinformation:
And after “Orac” has digested THAT, there’s always 2nd’s

Forbes censors Peter Lipson “Speech is best countered by more speech” article comments:

Forbes Learns a Lesson, but Not the Right One: Censorship and Bias re: A Film Producer, A Cancer Doctor, And Their Critics
And 3rd’s

Wikipedia, what’s your motivation?:
“Orac” continues, blissfully unaware in his “alternate universe”

“Mr. Merola, assuming he really was the one issuing this DMCA takedown notice, should Google the “Streisand effect.””

“Orac” is so self-engorged that he does NOT even comprehend, that after the preceding, he and “The Skeptic” “Oracolytes” initiated a reverse Barbara Streisand Effect

“It really is applicable here.”

“Orac” blathers on:

“There’s no grand conspiracy.”

“Orac” IS a denialist

“There never has been, as getting skeptics—excuse me, “The Skeptics”—to paddle in the same direction on anything is much like the proverbial herding of cats.”

“Orac” is oblivious to the “fact” that it’s notably referred to as “lemmings in Sheeple’s clothing”

“Orac” rants on

“Mirroring like this and more people writing about the criticisms that Merola has tried to suppress is just what happens on the Internet, in particular on social media, whenever a person being criticized tries to use legal thuggery to silence or eliminate that criticism.”

“The examples are legion and include the ones I briefly mentioned at the beginning of this post.”

“There are more, of course.”

“Many more.”

“Orac” just described what Forbes, Wikipedia, and “The Skeptic” “Oracolytes” are experiencing

“In an case, although I’m not a lawyer there was nothing in C0nc0rdance’s video that I could see that was anything more than obvious fair use.”

“Orac” would most likely NOT ever be even close to being a lawyer, since lawyers are bound by ethical rules, and “ethics” is NOT one of “Orac’s” strong suits

“Early in the video there was a scene showing a shot that included a low resolution shot of the poster for Eric Merola’s Burzynski propaganda movie.”

“Later, there was another shot with that poster, and some random images associated with Merola’s filmmaking business as well as a photo of what looked like him.”

“Quite honestly, if I were C0nc0rdance, I’d just re-edit the video to remove the Burzynski Movie poster and any images of Merola, replacing them with either cartoons or a blank screen with a notice that the images had to be removed because Merola had issued a highly dubious DMCA takedown notice.”

“Let me also say this.”

“I know that Eric Merola obsessively reads pretty much everything I write about Burzynski; so I know he’ll see this.”

And here is where “Orac” truly showcases his ASSumption abilities:

“I also know that … Didymus Judas Thomas”

“(whose identity I’m probably about 75% sure of and whose Twitter handles mutate as fast as the genome of cancer cells)”

(“Orac,” considering your past track record of NOT being anywhere near 75% correct about alot of things re this subject-matter, I can NOT wait to learn what your “75% sure” ASSumption is)

“Orac” proceeds down the wide and straight aisle of ASSumption:

“also obsessively read anything posted about Eric Merola or Stanislaw Burzynski on any social media.”

If “Orac” was anywhere close to being 75% sure, I would have already reviewed “Doubtful News,” which received “free pub” on Forbes

“Finally, I believe that people like Eric Merola are hypocrites, feeling free to paint “The Skeptics” as “white supremacists” and puppy-eating evildoers to their heart’s content”

“Orac” truly should take time to check his “Mirror”

Maybe he should “Mirror” his “Mirror”

“(from what I’ve heard about Merola’s second Burzynski movie, in it skeptics are all but portrayed as Satan Incarnate)”

“Orac,” Satan was exceedingly beautiful, so there is NO way “The Skeptics” can be “Satan Incarnate”

“Orac,” I understand that a lot of “The Skeptics” claim their official religion as Atheism, so I can understand why “The Skeptics” would NOT be up on “Satan for The Skeptic Dummies”

“Orac’s” diatribe continues:

“but running like whipped puppies to the DMCA when either they or Burzynski are criticized, no matter how civil, reasonable, or science-based that criticism is”

“(and C0nc0rdance’s video was all of the above).”

“Orac” referring to the YouTube video by C0nc0rdance as “reasonable, or science-based” shows “Orac” for what he is

“Orac” the “ASSumptor”

The reason is, of course, clear.

Same as it ever was.

“Orac’s” tirade marches on

“One more thing:”

“Orac,” we know that where you are considered, it’s never just:

“One more thing:”

“If Eric Merola, Stanislaw Burzynski, and his crew of sycophants, toadies, and lackeys are offended by my opinion, my characterization of them that I have based on analyses of Burzynski’s claims and observation of the behavior of Burzynski and his propagandist Eric Merola, they should try something different to shut me up.”

“Orac,” I already know how to shut you up

All anyone has to do is mention my Post #73 on your blog, and that shuts you right up, because you have NO reponse for THAT

“Orac” reminds me of his “Oracolyte,” Guy Chapman (guychapman on Forbes, @SceptiGuy, @vGuyUK), who thought that because his BIASED 18 “Fact-Challenged” verbose comments were posted on Forbes, that that translates into his non-citation(s), non-reference(s), and / or non-link(s), being “credible”

I have just the thing, too.

It’s called “FACTS”

“Orac” rattles off

“Publishing the results of some of Burzynski’s allegedly completed phase II trials for the scientific community comes to mind first.”

“If Burzynski really has the goods, as Merola and company claim, then he can best shut up critics by bringing the science—solid, convincing science, that is.”

“I’ve said it before many times, and I’ll say it again:”

“I can be convinced by strong preclinical and clinical evidence.”

“I have yet to see anything resembling strong evidence from Burzynski.”

“Orac” is a coward, and has yet to publish a thorough review of Burzynski’s 2003-2007 phase II clinical trial preliminary reports

“Orac” rattles on

“At least, if he has such evidence he hasn’t published it yet, preferring to publish a mixture of case reports, tiny case series, unimpressive basic science, and the like in bottom-feeding journals, some of which aren’t even indexed in PubMed.”

“Orac” is unable to provide any citation(s), reference(s), and / or link(s) that give any cloak of credibility to his above blogsplat comment

“Orac, thankfully, is running out of steam:

“A conspiracy among editors of journals is not the reason, contrary to the claims in the second Burzynski movie.”

“Nor is a conspiracy of skeptics—excuse me, “The Skeptics”—the reason why trying to suppress criticism will boomerang on Merola.”

“It’s all because of Burzynski’s own behavior and Merola’s willingness to distort, misinform, and slime Burzynski critics.”

“Orac,” like the “spiritual” leader of “The Skeptics,” ends his sermon with:

“Spread the word”

But this blogpost would NOT be complete without including the ravings of one

Marc Stephens Is Insane in the Membrane:

#55 – Marc Stephens Is Insane – April 24, 2013

“I realized I posted these comments in the wrong Count Stan thread.”

“I haven’t paid any attention to the lunatic rantings of DJT for weeks, but Guy Chapman just updated the list of his sockpuppet Twitter spam accounts”

“(he’s on his 10th account)”

(try again, MSII)

“so I checked out his latest incarnation.”

“He’s now been reduced to writing poems and limericks about the Forbes article and his “free speech” being censored by Dr. Peter Lipson.”

“This is truly hilarious.”

“The man has deep, deep psychological problems:”
“From what I can glean from his incoherent babble, he posted a comment on the Forbes article that purported to have uncovered some conspiracy that Dr. Lipson and Orac are friends”

“(or “buds”)”

“and that prompted Dr. Lipson to delete the comment.”

“As far as I know, the authors of Forbes articles doen’t even have the power to delete comments, so maybe Forbes smelled the crazy and deleted the comment themselves.”

“It’s not quite along the same lines as Alex Jones’s conspiracy rantings about the Boston bombings, false flag attacks and “The Craft” but loony tunes nonetheless.”

“Since DJT has already proven to be a 9/11 truther, he probably also believes that Navy Seals planted the Boston bombs with the cooperation of the FBI and the two brothers were just “patsies” who were set up and/or framed.”

M.S.I.I. is a Master Specialist In Inaccuracies

#56 – Orac – April 24, 2013

“Well, actually Peter and I are buds.”

“There’s no secret about that..”

(“Orac” fails to mention that his “bud,” Dr. Peter A. Lipson (@palMD) did NOT disclose his relationship with Dr. David H. Gorski (“Orac,” @oracknows, @gorskon, @ScienceBasedMed, #sciencebasedmedicine,
http://www.scienceblogs.com/Insolence, http://www.sciencebasedmedicine. org)

Yet, some of “The Skeptics” rant that Eric Merola did NOT disclose a relatives’ relationship with Burzynski

Boris Ogon

“You are right now having a live “debate” in front of more than 10,000 people, … “


Not so much

Waiting for the 10,000

Peter Lipson, Contributor

Musings on the intersection of science, medicine, and culture

4/19/2013 @ 9:43PM

Peter Lipson: “Speech is best countered by more speech”

Critiquing “The Skeptic” Burzynski Critics: A Film Producer, A Cancer Doctor, And Their Critics (page 11)



Didymus Judas Thomas, Contributor

Musings on the intersection of Articles, Bias, and Censorship

(The Big 3: A.B.C.)

4/19/2013 @ 9:43PM

A Film Producer, A Cancer Doctor, And Their Critics

Allen Jones 1 day ago

“Interesting article.”

“Since there are two competing sides here I decided to do a bit of research on Burzynski and his treatment.”

“Success seems to be defined in terms of anecdotes only.”

“And after a continued search there seems to be just as many anecdotes of failures for this treatment.”

“Reading the website “the other Burzynski patient group” that outline all the heart wrenching failures of this treatment was difficult.”

“My conclusion is that this Burzynski is a quack of the lowest level.”


Allen Jones, I really can NOT adequately express how convincing your “alleged” “bit of research” sounds


claire G 1 day ago

@Guy Chapman,

(claire G, I really can NOT adequately express how convincing your use of @Guy Chapman is, considering as how “Guy Chapman” has gone by “guychapman” in all 18 of his “erudite” posts)

“It seems to me that actually the FDA are being very fair to Burzynski.”

claire G, please expand on how THIS is “the FDA” “being very fair to Burzynski.”

Click to access BurzynskiTriesToExposeNCI.pdf

“Despite the massive problems with hsi institutional review board, and his abject failure to publish results, they continued to allow him to register new trials.”

claire G, please expand on:

“they continued to allow him to register new trials.”

Exactly WHEN did “they continued to allow him to register new trials” “[d]espite the massive problems with hsi institutional review board”?

Please advise WHERE
“his abject failure to publish results”
was a condition for him “to register new trials.”

“I can’t think of anyone else in that position”.”

“You are so right.”

claire G, “you are so right”

“I can’t think of anyone else in that position”.

Exactly HOW are you going to answer THOSE questions?

“That cracking sound you hear is the FDA bending over backwards to accommodate Burzynski!”

claire G, please explain exactly HOW was the FDA requiring radiation in the phase 3 clinical trial, bending over backwards to accommodate Burzynski!”

Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) Form 10-Q for the quarterly period ended 5/31/2010:

1/13/2009 Company announced Company had reached an agreement with FDA for Company to move forward with pivotal Phase III clinical trial of combination Antineoplaston therapy plus radiation therapy in patients with newly diagnosed, diffuse, intrinsic brainstem gliomas (DBSG)

Agreement was made under FDA’s Special Protocol Assessment procedure, meaning design and planned analysis of Phase III study is acceptable to support regulatory submission seeking new drug approval

2/1/2010 Company entered into agreement with Cycle Solutions, Inc., dba ResearchPoint to initiate and manage pivotal Phase III clinical trial of combination Antineoplastons A10 and AS2-1 plus radiation therapy (RT) in patients with newly-diagnosed, diffuse, intrinsic brainstem glioma

ResearchPoint is currently conducting feasibility assessment

ResearchPoint has secured interest and commitment from number of sites selected

Upon completion of assessment, randomized, international phase III study will commence”

Study’s objective is to compare overall survival of children with newly-diagnosed DBSG who receive combination Antineoplastons A10 and AS2-1 plus RT versus RT alone

” … only obstacles now are $300 million $s needed to pay for final phase of clinical testing-and FDA requiring children with inoperable brainstem glioma to also undergo radiation
treatment in Phase 3 trials, claiming it would be “unethical” not to do so”

“For all the whining and complaining by Burzynski fans that he’s been so hounded and mistreated by the FDA,”

claire G, please pontificate on THIS:
“I’ve never seen any doctor be allowed that much time and leeway to conduct clinical trials.”

claire G, please advise, what doctor has been allowed the next most “time and leeway to conduct clinical trials,” after Burzynski?

“The big question in many people’s minds is, WHY has Burzynski been given this special treatment?”

claire G, THIS “special treatment?

Antineoplastons: Has the FDA kept its promise to the American people ?:
claire G, any questions NOW?

claire G 1 day ago


“Antineoplastons are dead.

No more in the USA.

Only the rich, powerful, and the affluent who are “in the know” can get it now (no longer in the USA).”


“So what you mean then is that nothing has really changed?”

claire G, are you indicating that antineoplastons were NOT available in the USA?

“It was always only either the very wealthy or those who could scrap together the $200,00.00 from donations who could afford antineoplastons.”

claire G, are you indicating that EVERY antineoplaston patient has had to “SCRAP together the $200,00.00”?

“By not publishing his research so that it could be peer reviewed and approved by the FDA Burzynski assured that antineoplastons would not be covered by insurance.”

claire G, please provide your citation(s), reference(s), and / or link(s) which support your:

“By not publishing his research so that it could be peer reviewed and approved by the FDA

Burzynski: What happens when a clinical trial is over?:
National Cancer Institute (NCI) at the National Institutes of Health (NIH)

Cancer Clinical Trials

15. What happens when a clinical trial is over?

“The results of clinical trials are OFTEN published in peer-reviewed scientific journals”

” … WHETHER OR NOT the results are published in a peer-reviewed scientific journal … “
This makes it clear that clinical trial results “are OFTEN” published, but sometimes they are “NOT” published “in a peer-reviewed scientific journal”

Burzynski: FAQ: Clinical Trial Results
Trial results are not always publicly available, even after a clinical trial ends

U.S. National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health
Burzynski: The FDA’s Drug Review Process: Ensuring Drugs Are Safe and Effective:
“The FDA’s Drug Review Process: Ensuring Drugs Are Safe and Effective”

“[T]he emphasis in Phase 2 is on EFFECTIVENESS”

“This phase aims to obtain PRELIMINARY DATA on whether the drug works in people who have a certain disease or condition”

“Phase 3 studies begin if EVIDENCE of EFFECTIVENESS is shown in Phase 2″

“These studies gather more information about safety and EFFECTIVENESS, studying different populations and different dosages and using the drug in combination with other drugs”
Burzynski: Declaration of Helsinki:
World Medical Association

Click to access 17c.pdf


Click to access 79(4)373.pdf

National Institutes of Health-HISTORY:

Click to access helsinki.pdf

The Declaration of Helsinki doesn’t indicate WHEN results MUST be published

“If you were sitting on this effective cure for cancers that affect children especially, wouldn’t you want to do whatever it took to make it available to anyone who needed it?”

claire G, ask the FDA

“Isn’t that what an ethical, caring, humanitarian would do?”

claire G, I refer you to the above

Boris Ogon

“You are right now having a live “debate” in front of more than 10,000 people, … “

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Not so much

Waiting for the 10,000

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Musings on the intersection of science, medicine, and culture

4/19/2013 @ 9:43PM

Peter Lipson: “Speech is best countered by more speech”