Burzynski, Ming-Cheng Liau, and Gi-Ming Lai

Ming C. Liau (Ming-Cheng Liau or M.C. Liau)
worked and published with Burzynski from 1986 – 1994 and worked on CDA-2 (CDA-II or CDA- H) in Taiwan, Republic of China
Ming-Cheng Liau Patents
Gi-Ming Lai, M.D. (GM Lai) also worked on CDA-2
“Phase I/II/III clinical trials of CDA-2 have been completed in China in 2003
In August 2004, the State Drug Administration (SDA) of China approved the use of CDA-2 as an anticancer drug in solid tumors”
“CDA-2 had been approved as a first class new anti-cancer drug by the SFDA of mainland China in 2004 through the effort of both side of Taiwan Strait.” http://share.cjfu.com/supersite/?uid-43-action-viewspace-itemid-21
CDA-2 (cell differentiation agent 2) is a urinary preparation that isolated from healthy human urine in China
J Pharm Pharmaceut Sci (www.cspsCanada.org) 13(3) 450 – 471, 2010
New Perspectives on Innovative Drug Discovery: An Overview
(pg. 8 of 22: Human-derived compounds – Antineoplastons and CDA-2) Starting at middle of left page: