Critiquing: Stanislaw Burzynski: On the arrogance of ignorance about cancer and targeted therapies

12/5/2012 Dr. David H. “Orac” Gorski, who claims to be a “researcher,” cooked up this gastronomically inedible MUD pie:

Stanislaw Burzynski: On the arrogance of ignorance about cancer and targeted therapies
and 3/11/2013 on #ScienceBasedMedicine . org:

Three myths about Stanislaw Burzynski and The Skeptics
5-6/2012 – Stanislaw R. Burzynski, MD, PhD: novel cancer research and the fight to prove its worth
Altern Ther Health Med. 2012 May-Jun;18(3):54-61.
Here we go again

Now here’s where we see the sheer arrogance, the sheer ignorance of the man:

Gorski quotes Dr Burzynski:

“I published the review article in a peer-reviewed journal almost 20 years ago on the principles of personalized gene-targeted therapy”

Gorski states:

“Curious as to just what the heck Burzynski was talking about here, I searched PubMed for this alleged review article”

“I couldn’t find it on PubMed”

“His only publications from the 1990s had nothing to do with cancer as a “genetic disease” or “personalized gene-targeted cancer therapy” and everything to do with antineoplastons”

“Perhaps Burzynski proposed this “revolutionary” new idea in a peer-reviewed article that’s not indexed in PubMed, but if he did I couldn’t find it using Google and Google Scholar”

“(In fact when I entered “Burznski” and “personalized gene therapy” into Google Scholar, I got the article containing the transcript of Burzynski’s interview that I’m discussing at the top of the hit list!)”

I had to choke back a rising bile in the back of my throat as I read this

I mean, seriously, such a combination of arrogance (Gorski apparently thinking that he was the kind of person who could intelligently conduct a PubMed, Google, and Google Scholar search on personalized therapy and targeting genes for cancer)

Gorski’s ignorance of the entire field of Internet searches is breathtaking!

Let’s put it this way

Gorski was in graduate school 20 years ago, and was not taught back then how to do an Internet search

Gorski fumes:

“There’s a term called “oncogene,” which describes genes that, when either mutated or too much is made, can result in cancer”

“Robert Huebner and George Todaro first coined it in 1969, and the first oncogene, src, was described in 1970, twenty years before Burzynski claims to have understood that cancer is a genetic disease”

“The first tumor suppressor gene, the retinoblastoma gene, was characterized in 1986, at least six years before Burzynski’s apparent “revelation” that cancer is a “genetic disease.””

As usual, Burzynski and Internet searching was way ahead of Gorski

One wonders if he has ever bothered to read:

Pg. 25

1987 – Liau, M.C., Szopa, M., Burzynski, B., Burzynski, S.R. Chemosurveillance: A novel concept of the natural defense mechanism against cancer. Drugs Exptl Clin Res 1987;13 (suppl 1):71-76.


Pg. 24

1997Burzynski. S.R. Antineoplastons. oncogenes and cancer. Anti-Aging Medical Therapeutics, Vol.1. Klatz RM.
Goldman R. (Ed). Health Quest Publication 1997; Marina del Rey, CA. USA.

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But THAT would have required Gorski to do a search on the word “oncogene(s)”

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