IT MAY NOT BE SCIENCE: Critiquing “Curing cancer or ‘selling hope’ to the vulnerable?”

Recently, America was warned again:

“The British Are Coming”

“The British Are Coming”

Yes, Mr. and Mrs. America and all the Ships at SEA,
We were “blessed” with a visit from the “Bloody Well Right,” Panorama BBC
By Richard Bilton
BBC Panorama
3 June 2013 Last updated at 00:03

As luck would have it, as I was researching my Critique for this article, BBC Panorama provided me with the title for it, in their YouTube Video:


This was apropo since it quite possibly defines the entire Panorama article in a “nutshell’

The article states:

“But Dr Stanislaw Burzynski’s treatment has been dismissed by practitioners of mainstream medicine.”

From this, I take it that the viewer is supposed to conclude that the

“practitioners of mainstream medicine”


1. Prof Richard Grundy


2. Dr Jeanine Graf

Let’s examine their claims, shall we?

1. Prof Richard Grundy

A. “He says it is “unethical” for Dr Burzynski not to share his findings:”

In my ‘opinion,’ it is “unethical” for Professor Grundy to throw MUD at Dr. Burzynski, when he has NOT shared his findings re Dr. Burzynski’s:

Drugs In R and D / Drugs in Research and Development:

Drugs R D. 2003;4(2):91-101
Drugs R D. 2004;5(6):315-26
Integrative Cancer Therapies

Integr Cancer Ther. 2005 Jun;4(2):168-77
Integr Cancer Ther. 2006 Mar;5(1):40-7

B. “Unfortunately the results from Dr Burzynski’s clinic are not published in any form that’s acceptable to the scientific community.”

Professor Grundy, welcome to #MizTV


Please expound


2. Dr Jeanine Graf

“She sometimes treats patients from the Burzynski Clinic who have become critically ill, but she has never known any of them survive.”

Dr. Graf, how many patients?

2 ?

“He must believe in what he’s doing, but I have not been convinced by the existing scientific literature that his therapy has any efficacy.

Dr. Graf, where is your “in-depth” review of Dr. Burzynski’s above-listed publications?

Dr. Graf, please provide your in-depth “opinion” on this:
“But the more I looked, the more complicated the picture became.”

“I was shown into the boardroom and, after 20 minutes waiting, the doctor was ready to see me.”

Mr. Bilton, I am sure that how long you had to spend waiting, might be important to you, but to the viewers:

Not So Much

This might be classified as a human interest story, but YOU are NOT the human whose story we are interested in

“He said the medical authorities in the US would not let him release this information:”

“Clinical trials, phase two clinical trials, were completed just a few months ago. I cannot release this information to you at this moment.”.

“But the FDA told us this was not true and he was allowed to share the results of his trials.”

I’m sure that after perusing the below, that you will be able to come to the conclusion that there are “trust” issues involved, so Dr. Burzynski is correct to be concerned

Burzynski: Managing social conflict in complementary and alternative medicine research: the case of antineoplastons:
Antineoplastons: Has the FDA kept its promise to the American people ?
Cancer: Hope for Sale? will be broadcast on Monday, 3 June at 20:30 BST on BBC One

BBC One – Panorama, Cancer: Hope for Sale?

Panorama prog on #Burzynski is there for posterity on YouTube
BBC Panorama Burzynski investigation on Youtube
Our debut on the BBC’s Panorama. I hope this reaches millions!!! SO Burzynski will be deprived of…
“On Panorama tonight

“The doctor who says that he can cure cancer

The Burzynski clinic says it doesn’t claim it can cure all cancers and that no patients are promised a cure.
Make up your mind, Panorama