Josephine Jones and the Cult of Misinformation

JJ recently blogged:

“Firstly, there is actually such a thing as the CANCER GENOME project, aiming to identify genes critical in the development of human cancers”

“The mapping of the CANCER GENOME

Having your Genomic Cancer Atlas mapped

It all sounds rather impressive and technical – if you are so clueless as to believe that CANCER has a GENOME, that is

So, in the 1st paragraph JJ indicates there is a:


but then turns that statement around to indicate one would be clueless to believe that:


Is this critic spreading “misinformation”?

The Cancer Genomics Hub (CGHub) is a secure repository for … CANCER GENOME sequences …
and … information from the CANCER GENOME Atlas (TCGA) consortium
CGHub falls under TCGA policies

Access to the entire policy can be found on the National Institutes of Health (NIH) website

So, it seems there really is a CANCER GENOME

TCGA Announces Launch of the Cancer Genomics Hub
5/1/2012 – UC Santa Cruz builds national data center for cancer genome research


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