Critiquing: How Stanislaw Burzynski became Burzynski the Brave Maverick Doctor, part 1

“Orac” / Dr. David H. Gorski decided that since he can NOT seem to grasp how to do REAL “research,” that he would read something from years ago, and blog about it, whilst his Twitter twit compadres have whined like little bitches when anyone tweets anything remotely pro-Burzynski, re anything from the 1990’s or before

So Gorski digs to see if he can find any dirt worthy of making into one of his specialty Detroit, Michigan Mud Pies

How Stanislaw Burzynski became Burzynski the Brave Maverick Doctor, part 1
Gorski quotes Burzynski:

“The idea of fighting people in authority became natural to me”

“I learned that you must never let them defeat you in your own core”

Gorski blurts:

“In some ways, these can be most admirable traits”

“Virtually all highly successful people who make a difference in the world possess some measure of this sort of determination and willingness to fight for what one believes”

“If only Burzynski had found a good cause to which he could yoke such them

(“Yoke such them”? Is that a Polish saying?)

“Unfortunately, he found antineoplastons”

Unfortunately for the world, Gorski has nothing better to do

Maybe he should get to work in the Detroit salt mines, trying to get Detroit out of bankruptcy!

Gorski splats:

“… I’ll discuss some of Burzynski’s legal battles, up to and including his epic battle in the 1990s that led to his indictment in late 1995 … and his ultimate acquittal based on a hung jury in early 1997, …”

Gorski obviously is desperate as I have already commented extensively on his blogsplat before he BLOCKED me; like the truculent child he is, regarding the 1997 case

3/3/1997 – Associated Press (A.P.) News:
5/19/1997 – Associated Press (AP)
5/19/1997 – New York Times:
5/21/1997 – New York Times:
5/28/1997 – New York Times:
8/1/1997 – Reason
Gorski utters:

The question becomes:

“Does Burzynski still believe himself to be the man who has cured several forms of cancer, or does he now know that ANPs almost certainly don’t work and are definitely not some sort of “miracle cure”?”

Well, it’s NOT likely Gorski is going to figure that out any time soon, seeing as how he is stuck in the 90’s

One of his “Oracolytes” spurts:

#12 – AdamG – 7/22/2013

“Out of morbid curiosity I just checked out DJT’s current cesspool of residence…it’s still going full steam ahead with the crazy

“Poor DJT seems to have definitely lost a few more screws since it posted here”

This person apparently has nothing anywhere close to the intelligence of the original Adam, as “it” is unable to formulate a coherent sentence regarding any subject on my blog

This is the class of individuals that “Orac” likes to associate himself with

The lowest common denominator

The Adam G’s, “I have Absolutely NOTHING (say it again) worthwhile to say,” of the world


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